Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 down............

Well, I can say I've prepped and competed in 3 fitness shows.
The first one had the "NEW-NESS" and the unknown factor of attempting something new.

The 2nd one was post wedding/honeymoon and I can say I half-assed my training.

This show I worked hard. I trained with my buddies Nicole & janelle. I had healthy eating habits entering contest prep. I had a plan! I did my own training and my own nutrition. Did it all on my own and I am pleased with how I did! 2nd place!!!(out of 3) But DAMN if I didn't ROCK my routine at the night show! I had so sooooooooooo much fun! I will get it uploaded and link it as soon as I can! This week I'll get some pix posted, too! I'm too busy doing laundry and cleaning house to get all of them uploaded!
All in all it was such a wonderful experience. I had my family there, 20 of my clients there, and it was in my own backyard! And, I'm a year older. :) Life is GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love love~

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