Thursday, June 10, 2010


I was in a FUNK!!!!!!

I was in a Funk. And now I'm not. :)

Dang, I usually NEVER struggle with energy levels and this past few weeks have been a lil off for me.

Although I could claim it was an array of things---it's all good now. I'm out of my funk.

Thats it for now! :)
I will resume regular blogging next week!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of love~

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, plans have changed---isn't that inevitable?? :)
Just kidding, but I am stoked to say that I am now prepping for another hometown show! Sept 18th Night of Champions here in Spokane will be my 4th show. I really considered the arizona show, but it was just too rushed. I love prep, but its always my goal for it not to intervene on life and family. Well, with 4th of July, visit from family, and maintaining my AWESOME business, it just wouldn't work. I will take my sweet time and prep for 15 weeks, just like I did for the Empire Classic. I plan on doing the Bikini division as well, just for fun!
My critique from one of the judges was *shocker* that I wasn't lean enough. This is exactly why I never foresee "PRO" status in Fitness. It's honestly a physique I don't ASPIRE to attain. I do plan on being more lean this time around, but I just don't desire a shredded, ripped physique. I like a lil cushion! It looks better on me! :)

For now I will continue eating clean and getting pumped for our 4th of July BBQ--it's always a good time! :) 5 weeks!

That's it from this side, hope you're all well!!!!!!!
Lots of love and thanks for reading!