Thursday, November 4, 2010


HEY GUYS!!!!!!!
well, in case I have any followers left....... :)
Here are some pix to keep ya in the loop--all is well and I plan on doing a full update this weekend--I'm crazy busy with work and taking some time off from blogging!!
Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zip, Zilch, ZEROOOOO

Thats the number of Fitness Girls at our local level Fitness/Figure/Bikini/Bodybuilding show yesterday. I had a client competing in bikini (she got 3rd in her class-hollaaaaa!!!) BUT--no Fitness girls. So sad, the sport is fading away.........That being said, I would have been disappointed to prep hard for it, then show up with no competition. An uncontested win isn't a win in my books! It was very bizarre being at a show and not being schlacked in tanner, all dolled up, thirsty/hungry/tired......I only stayed for prejudging, and the figure and bikini gals looked great. I text my husband after and said I REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLY wanna compete again. We've (hub & I) have chatted lengths about my health, my goals, the business, future pregnancy and when we feel ready to "try".....I like the quote, "While we're busy making plans, GOD laughs...." so while I do believe we can't time everything, it's still good to have gameplan. My personal training and group fitness STUDIO is awesome. If you wanna see the place, check out my website

Update on the Fitness front, I'm 2 weeks down for the TT Transformation. I lift 3 times a week and HITT 3 times a week. Plus I do zumba and yoga. I'm feeling good. It's funny how I am not necessarily at a healthy weight or BMI but I feel like I look GOOOOOOOD. :) Curves are NOT a bad thing! :) Anyway, I love the program and am getting it done!

Have a great sunday!
EM :)

p.s. LAUUUUUUUUUREN MY LOVE! Yes, I must see you when I'm in VEGAS! That's so great you're there, hope all is well! Lets chat! XOXOX

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi my name is Em....

and I simply cannot pass up a challenge.
Enter Turbulence Training transformation contest #9.
I'm so excited! I just finished workout A followed by HITT.

I'm feeling good. I did baseline measurments & pics and like we all know--theres a reason they're called "BEFORE" stats! :) :)

We had a lowkey Laborday weekend--went to the lake but it was less than stellar weather!

I'm looking forwards to working hard thru sept...going to Kansas the 1st week of Oct. *YAY!!!* posssibly going to Phoenix for thanksgiving and then heading to VEGAS Dec. 27th Ohhhh yeahhhh. So, this challenge takes me up to the 11th of Dec. I think. It will be fun--I'll keep ya'll updated!

Have a great rest of the week!
EM :)

Vegas 2008

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's the WEEKEND!

I hope the past week was a successful one for ya!
It was pretty good for me! I got in a couple great workouts! I lifted, did Zumba(x2) and Yoga. I'm still lacking that morning cardio I love soooo much! Perhaps its the new down comforter/duvet we's so luxurious--I can't hardly get out of bed!!!!!!
Now here's something interesting--I MUCH prefer the DOMS "muscle" soreness as opposed to "sleeping too long in funky position" soreness. You know the difference, one simply needs a nice warm-up & workout....the other needs a massage or chiropractic visit........I firmly believe I function better on 7-8 hours of sleep...when I go past 8 I start getting sore. I need to remind myself that...

I've been reading "The Energy Addict" by Jon Gordon before I go to bed. It has some pretty great tips, including:

*PRACTICE THE 90-10 RULE: Depriving doesn't work because it doesn't flow with natural lifestyles & rhythms.

*ELIMINATE CLUTTER: INSIDE & OUT! It blocks precious new energy from flowing into your life by filling up your space with old stagnant energy.

*RELAX INSTEAD OF TALKING: The diff. between talking unnecessarily & relaxing is the diff. between having energy & losing energy. -Try this next time you drive. Shut your phone off and focus on relaxing & positive thoughts while you drive-

*THE GIFT OF PAIN: There are 2 ways to process energy during difficult/painful situations; either though TRUST & LOVE or thought fear & doubt. Richard Bach quotes, "Every problem has a gift for you in its hands."

That's only 4 of the 101 physical, mental & spiritual ways to energize your life. I really enjoy the book-it's great to just flip though daily!

Well, after a relaxing morning, I'm about to tackle laundry, dusting, bathrooms and get my massage room all set for tmrw-I'm doing 4 massages!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your super nice comments, I really appreciate it! XOXO
EM :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Nicole & I finally made our 6am YMCA workout. We've been trying, boy oh boy we've been trying......... :)
It was SO nice to knock out an awesome workout first thing. And it's always nice to watch the sun rise on my way there!! We did chest & tri's and I did about 20 mins. of upright bike intervals. Felt Goooooood!
This evening we're going on a bike ride after I teach cardio bootcamp. My group fitness schedule at my studio is so awesome right now! Everything from Cardio bootcamp, to butts & guts, zumba, yoga....much to offer! Between that and personal training clients-I'm staying plenty busy. And like always, I thrive on being busy---downtime is actually when I find it hard to stay motivated-but when you're go go go, it's easy cuz you have to!!! :)

I'm finally at full dose for my meds. I don't know if it's mental or not, but I have felt a little more tired. (or was I feeling tired because I wasn't getting my workouts in and fueling my body properly...) probably the latter..........
My G'ma & her twin bro celebrated 80 years this past weekend---how freakin cool is that?!? I wanna be healthy and surrounded by family when I celebrate 80 years!!! (LOVE YOU G'MA!!!)
Well, back to work, hope you all have had a productive and enjoyable Monday!
I'll add some recipes I've been fond of lately, and perhaps some pix! Yay!
Much love~
EM :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


HEY ALL! I hope this week has been treating you well!!!! I've decided i have GOT to keep this blog updated. How many times do I say that? Well....all the time, but What I've decided will work, is to just text my post from my phone. I intend on tracking workouts, mood/feelings, and general stuff! :)

SO, while this isn't' your typical "CONTEST PREP" blog, i do hope to offer some insight and HOPEFULLY some inspiration.

What's been bothering me the past few weeks (well, since PCOS diagnosis) is I've forgotten this is LIKELY something I've been "conquering" for a while now. SO, why would my feelings/actions/demeanor change simply from a diagnosis? Okay, maybe I can explain this better (bear with me, I'm just thinking as I type...)

I perhaps have done myself some disservice by OVER RESEARCHING & OVER ANALYZING this disorder. My head was so full of the negative parts--the symptoms, the fertility issues, the long term effects.....when REALLY I just need to focus on the now. I pride myself on being one of the most positive people I know, so I will continue that no matter what!
My poor husband even said, "Em, I don't like having to be the positive one, you're so much better at that!" :) Bless his heart, he's been awesome through all of this!

So i guess my point is that I've let PCOS hinder my physical/mental outlook in a not so good way. I wallowed. Yep, I wallowed and sulked. I didn't workout. I ate randomly and crappy (?) I didn't enjoy it. I was tired (perhaps the new meds?) and lackluster. But again, I'VE LIKELY BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR SOMETIME!!!!! Shit, I did one MAYBE 2 contest preps with PCOS, why would living a healthy lifestyle (being fit) be any different now? In fact, it should be BETTER with the meds that will help regulate my hormones!!!!!

In conclusion, (or in restarting?) Okay, I have PCOS. I've probably HAD PCOS. I contest prepped with PCOS. I got trim (took a while!) and felt awesome! so, I intend on getting trim again (because right now I feel anything thing BUT trim) getting trim will only help my symptoms and I need to be the healthiest I can for a future pregnancy! (GOD WILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Alright, if you're still with me, bless you! :)
I'm out, hope you feel thoroughly updated! :)
Lots of love~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New challenges

Well, for the time being, I'm putting competitions on the back burner.
This will now be my journey with PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
I was diagnosed this past week-- although I've known for some time that something wasn't exactly right with my hormones. I'm hopeful and excited to begin my new treatment plan and feel that because of my healthy lifestyle, I will have great success. I will try and blog about my experience and will give more details about my symptoms and how I eventually was diagnosed. Perhaps my journey can help other women!!!
I'll leave you with some pix from when my folks were here.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I'll update more tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm still here!

Do you ever feel like you're in limbo? I gotta say I'm no fan of this feeling, no fan at all, but......everything happens for a reason!
I need to upload the pix from my folks visit to the inland northwest! We had so much fun-much needed family time indeed!
I'll blog more later, and I don't mean to be melodramatic...hang with me!
EM :)

(The hubs & I--gosh we look young! I think this was 5 yrs ago!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 miles + Stairs!!!

This 4th of july was so much fun! Granted, the weather was poo (think cloudy and 60 some degreees....really??) but with the addition of Ping Pong and a dart board-we were plenty busy!
Also, I never fail to kill it with the workouts at the lake. I get up super early (our "bay" is Sun Up Bay and it's awesome to sit on the deck at 6am with a cup (pot) of coffee!! Glorious!!) There is a trail that clocks in at 2 miles and I did it 4 times this weekend (plus a 1 mile cool down; done twice) I also talked one of our buddies, Kevin, into doing stairs with me one morning. We did 25 sets. Every stair for 5, facing right/crossover 5 times, facing left/crossover 5 times, slow skipping stairs (like lunges) 5 times, 5 everystair FAST. Holy crap. Then we went down to the dock and iced our legs (yeh, no joke, it was an ice bath, the water is like 50-55 degrees)
Food intake was wonderful. SOOOOOOOOOoo much salmon. I think I had 4 or 5 servings! Plus, I make my protein pancakes twice! And pushed the H20 as well!

Yesterday I didn't lift but I ran 5 miles outside. Today I did upperbody work (back with Nic) went to work and taught Butts N Gutz then worked out again with my bikini girl Soooooooo, I'm pooped!
I anticipate a hot epsom salt bath tonight. holy schnikes! (oh BTW, we watched step brothers & Tommy Boy this weekend---what the heck, I'm telling ya we weren't outside that much--tooo cold!!)

Alright, I gotta go try and find some hikes for Glacier National Park! My folks will be here a week from Friday and we're heading to Montana to the park! soooooooooooo pumped!!!

hope you're all well!
Thanks for checkin in on me~
em :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm HERE!!!

Oh my goodness how is it JULY 1st?!?!
I'm so excited for this prep. I've had a successful week and plan on keeping my momentum (yes, even thru the 4th).
Today I got a spray tan (and lost 5 lbs.) so the plan is to take progress pix (11 weeks out!) in the morn. I may or maynot have mentioned that I will be doing both fitness & bikini. I anticipate this may be my last show for a while (babies? yes? No, maybe so??) I'd really like to go out on TOP and not hear the typical critique of "not lean enough" sooooooooooooo, here we go. EM GET LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! EM GET LEAN'er

Hope ya'll have a super safe and fun 4th of July~!
I'll post pix this wkend!
Love love~

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I was in a FUNK!!!!!!

I was in a Funk. And now I'm not. :)

Dang, I usually NEVER struggle with energy levels and this past few weeks have been a lil off for me.

Although I could claim it was an array of things---it's all good now. I'm out of my funk.

Thats it for now! :)
I will resume regular blogging next week!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!
Lots of love~

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, plans have changed---isn't that inevitable?? :)
Just kidding, but I am stoked to say that I am now prepping for another hometown show! Sept 18th Night of Champions here in Spokane will be my 4th show. I really considered the arizona show, but it was just too rushed. I love prep, but its always my goal for it not to intervene on life and family. Well, with 4th of July, visit from family, and maintaining my AWESOME business, it just wouldn't work. I will take my sweet time and prep for 15 weeks, just like I did for the Empire Classic. I plan on doing the Bikini division as well, just for fun!
My critique from one of the judges was *shocker* that I wasn't lean enough. This is exactly why I never foresee "PRO" status in Fitness. It's honestly a physique I don't ASPIRE to attain. I do plan on being more lean this time around, but I just don't desire a shredded, ripped physique. I like a lil cushion! It looks better on me! :)

For now I will continue eating clean and getting pumped for our 4th of July BBQ--it's always a good time! :) 5 weeks!

That's it from this side, hope you're all well!!!!!!!
Lots of love and thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

It STILL Fits!

Last monday we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. A girl I knew from bookclub told me how she always puts her dress on and takes a pictures with how ever many years they celebrated! I totally loved the idea, so last year I did it, and this past monday I did it again! So fun to see my dress again, I really really love it!!

Also, here is one tuckered puppy. Check out the green tint to the paws....daddy must have mowed today! :) :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


HEYYYYYYYYYYYY GUYS! Thanks sooooo much for your kind words. I have such amazing memories of my Mimi. I was blessed to live with them while I was in limbo (before moving up here from PHX). She was such a character, I only hope people see a little of her in myself! :) :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, back to PHOENIX I GO!!!!!!!! I am, indeed, competing again, JULY 24th in Mesa. I will be doing Fitness & BIKINI!! WHAOOOHOOOO! I am just over 8 weeks out--and luckily this past 4 weeks haven't been too hard on me body! :)

I am confident and thrilled to "ENTER" prep again. I am training with my girl, janelle, she did the April show with me. We have a blast working out and she's so positive and fun!

Monday was Lower body, Today was Upper body and tmrw will be lower body again. Thursday is off, Friday is plyometrics and abzzzzzzzz. :) oh yeah........

off to watch the biggest loser-------what the heck, one of the clients just weighed in at 119. Ummmm, I'd had to cut off a damn appendage to even come close to weighing that...... :)

Lots of love, and bless you all for you kind words and prayers.
A rested and rejuvenated EM :)

Baklava on my Bday...yummmm

Saturday, May 22, 2010


what a crazy, sad, emotionally and physically draining few weeks it has been....I am sitting at the lakehouse in couredelane with my hubz (its our 2nd wedding anniv!!!) and the 2 pups. this weekend i am debriefing and trying to re-energize myself.
its so tough to write this--but last sunday my dads mom (my mimi) passed.....
she'd had a stroke the previous tuesday and by friday was in a hospice situation...she was surrounded by lots and lots of love and passed at her home-which is def. how she would have liked it. we flew home monday and didnt get home until yesterday. we stayed at a diffferent place each nite and drove all over southwest/central kansas. it was wonderful to see all my family--but never under those circumstances....
im so sad that she no longer will be following my crazy adventures on my blog. she read it religiously and was probably my biggest fan!!! =)
off to rest and relax....ill update u on my next adventure (which will sort of be 'in her honor') MISS YOU MIMI!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm getting the most out of life--- NPC 2010 membership. :)
Yep---I'm going to compete again. and possibly again.
So here's the thing-when you compete-you join the NPC organization for 1 calender year (jan 2010-dec. 2010) I'm going to make the most of this and attempt a couple more shows before I hang my heels up for good!!! I was soooooooooo entirely thrilled with my last performance, that I would be content being done for the long run.......but then a HUGE part of me missed the I started researching more shows. Unfortunately-the last show I did was not a national qualifier-so I must 1st get my national qualification before I can move on. What I'm thinking is--Compete July 24th in MESA ARIZONA!!!! with hopes of gaining nat'l qualification-then Compete Aug. 28th in Texas at Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???!!!!??!?!!!? :-0 Shoot for the MOON, EH???!!!!
So, please feel free to follow me again!! This prep will be fantastic considering I already have my suit (no more spending sunday afternoons at with my seamstress) my routine is complete (with much room for more sassiness) and my sis in law lives in Phoenix (and quite possibly will compete in the bikini division). Now, I understand this prep occurs during summer--which to me makes perfect sense--I want to maintain my health over summer!!!!!!! When I am not in prep, I find I get a little too lax with the diet, so structure works well for me. My goal is for the "dieting" if you will, not affect anyone but me. This is my choice and I'm ready to push thru! (The one thing I don't enjoy about prep, is when people say---ohhh, you're dieting.....but really-that doesn't affect them. People can eat whatever they want-it shouldn't affect them if I bring my own food or opt out.......I hate that!! :( )

Looks like saturday puts me 10 weeks out from AZ and 15 weeks out from TX. Holy cow!!!!!!!

I'll keep ya posted!!!!!!
Much love~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update Below--pix right hurrr

3 down............

Well, I can say I've prepped and competed in 3 fitness shows.
The first one had the "NEW-NESS" and the unknown factor of attempting something new.

The 2nd one was post wedding/honeymoon and I can say I half-assed my training.

This show I worked hard. I trained with my buddies Nicole & janelle. I had healthy eating habits entering contest prep. I had a plan! I did my own training and my own nutrition. Did it all on my own and I am pleased with how I did! 2nd place!!!(out of 3) But DAMN if I didn't ROCK my routine at the night show! I had so sooooooooooo much fun! I will get it uploaded and link it as soon as I can! This week I'll get some pix posted, too! I'm too busy doing laundry and cleaning house to get all of them uploaded!
All in all it was such a wonderful experience. I had my family there, 20 of my clients there, and it was in my own backyard! And, I'm a year older. :) Life is GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love love~

Monday, April 19, 2010

So soooooo close!

Well well well........peak week is here! I cannot believe it!
I've wanted to hop on a post, but dang, everytime I think about it-something else comes up-----or perhaps I subconciously don't want to see the countdown clock on my page.......... :)
I'm so ready. So excited. So organized (thanks to nicole) So pumped!

I get my suit tonight. I've finalized my routine outfit (still finetuning routine transitions) my posing feels/looks good, nutrition/h20 is fine-I've plan out my days to the hour basically!
My family gets here Thursday night (after my photoshoot!) and I'm off work thurs/fri/mon (my bday!) so I am hitting it hard the next couple days then I'll be coasting into SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having my makeup done by the BEST makeup artist in town-cant wait!

Alright, I'm here there and everywhere in my head right now-forgive me-but do check back this weekend for updates/results!!!
Thank you all for your AWESSSSSSSSSSSEme support! I truly appreciate it!
Lots of love~
EM :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 week peek

Thursday, April 8, 2010

These are a few of my fav. things!!!

HEY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how close I'm getting to stepping on stage infront of family & friends., I'm so sooooooo excited I can't stand it! :)
So, with a couple modifications here and there, I'm still able to enjoy my top 10 foods: In no particular order- :)
Pumpkin Seeds, Apples, Eggs, Beans (garbanzo/black), Romaine/Spinach, almond Butter, Berries(all), Oat Bran, Flax/Chia seeds, Chunk lite Tuna.

I relying on REAL food. Very little protein powder supps-opting for fish or eggs for that

I'm feeling great. This is a very excxiting time in contest prep because you can really see little changes each day. I'm happy with my 3 week out pix--especially because I'm not tan. We all know how helpful a tan is!

I'm used to being a sore old lady. I'm doing epsom salt baths, glutamine and magnesium supplements but i'm still crazy sore!!!!!

Tomorrow afternoon is dedicated 100% to routine practice and posing! :) :) yay!!!! Maybe I'll post some pix or video!

Hope you're all doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 weeks ta gooooo

Hey THERE!!!!! Christos Anesti!
Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends!
Nicole & I visited our suit lady yesterday and boy does that always make me sweat! :) It went pretty well, although I do have some major modifications to my suit........I'll explain that later!
Here are some progress pix from today. We worked on posing and presentation. Good stuff! lots of fun! :) Monday morning is SERIOUS routine work. I've got it all down in my head, but I've still gotta nail it down!! :)
Lots of love~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress & half Tan :)

HEY GUYS!!!!! Took pix before cardio this morn. Last night I experimented with Pro-Tan's overnight tanner (not stage formula) just for fun---and pretty much just did my arms and tummy. :) And I possibly slept with one arm over my head and got it on my cheek-no worries :) nothing bronzer can't hide!!! haaaa!
Google is being lame and not letting me upload more---so check back lataaaa! LOVE!!! EM

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tough LOVE!!!

First off---all is well in contest prep land! I'm ONE MONTH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is such as awesome post, I really don't link something unless I really think it's juicy! :) So if you have a chance, PLEASE read this!! (click below)


EM :0)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zi Ahhsessz

That title only makes sense if you were my workout partner bright and early monday morning.

Holy. Asschecks. Batman.

:) Pardon the language, but(t)............whoaaaa

We did glute and hamstring work and I am STILL feeling it. Lots of step-up. That gets me everytime!
I'm feeling F.A.B. seriously. Can't believe I felt like absolute CRAP last week.
This morning we mimiced (sp?) a Monica Brant Shoulder workout. It was AWEEEESOME!
Tonight I'm teaching Turbokick and I pray my leg fibers don't rip!!!!
Today is March 24th. April 24th I will compete! YAY! (31 days!)
Ahhh, I just got, really, I did! :)

Hope you all have a rockin day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love~
EM :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010