Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holy Meatballs!

Bless my husband (and all other significant others' who support a physique athlete in training...)
He has been SUCH a trooper the last weeks as I stay bound & determined on my diet. He has kept all "off plan" food out of the house. Healthy things: like NutThins, Popcorn & Baked Lays...TOTALLY 100% acceptable unless you're planning on stepping on stage! :)
SOooooooo, tonight, I made him a treat meal. Greek Meatballs with Spaghetti (gluten free) and yes, I did have a little bit.....holy cow it was so stinking good! I was suppose to use breadcrumbs but used oat bran instead and you couldn't even tell! It's definitely a dinner I need to make for my in-laws! (it's called Greek because of the spices/seasoning, and because you're suppose to use ground lamb---nope, we used lean ground B.E.E.F!!!!)

Today was such a crazy busy day! Nicole and I did back and Bi's (we did chest/tri on friday morn) and then I stayed for ZUUUUUMBA!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
After that, I did a massage, then we went and bought a new mattress, went to the mall, went to BestBuy, came home, took a gametable to Goodwill, went grocery shopping, then finally came home for the day. Hubs totally re-arranged Schwetty's so I'll have to take pix. It looks much bigger and more open! Love it!!

Ohhhhhh, did I mention while I was preparing the meatballs, I made a Funfetti cake for the birthday party tmrw?!?!? (for my hubs, m-i-l AND f-i-l) Yep, I sure did, and I wrapped it all up and foil and got it out of my sight. I'm not TOUCHING that cake tmrw! I will be disciplined. I will be disciplined. I will be disciplined :) :) :)

Tomorrow I'll do cardio before church, and another round before zi partaa (party)
Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend thus far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going strong for 2 more months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hope the weekend has treated u well thus far!
It's been soooooo so gorgeous here the past few days! The sun is bright and my mood is high!!! :)
Yesterday Nicole and I kicked butt for over 2 hours at the gym. Plyos followed by slow state cardio. THEN, we went to see our suit gal again! I cannot WAIT to have a suit that actually fits to MY body---what a concept!!! :)
After a powernap and a long epsom salt bath-I went and got spray tanned!!!!!!! WAAAHOOO!!
I love spray tan. LUV IT. I don't tan in the beds because frankly-I turn RED, and then right back to white. Never works. And i have no desire to do it..........but........insert spray tanning and I'm alllll about it! I think I'm gonna buy a kit so I can do it at home! :)
Here are some pix of the pups and my progress pix. Have a great evening! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010



Hope ya'll are having a fab monday! I love the above site: so if you have a chance, read it and browse the other articles, too!

Off to take the puppies to get groomed. It's their 1st official "WESTIE" cut, so I'll post pix. Love them lil guys!!! :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

2.5 months to go......:)

Headin to Schwettys for am cardio, but wanted to post my 10 weeks OUT pix! I feel like my waist is getting smaller---that and my lowback "lubdub" always like to hold on tight for dear life-thus making my job a little more challenging! :) :)
have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SUCHHHHH a good day!!!!!!!!

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH AN OUTSTANDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of those days that you wish you could replicate day in and out.....and I should, really, I should!

Funny, wednesday was a low day. I was just kinda blahhhhh feeling. Not sick-i'm over whatever was trying to come on last week--but just a little crampy, crappy, ya know...........ANYWAY, after being a complete and utter blob, I woke up and TORE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did 1 hour of cardio before work---trained 2--did 45 more mins. of cardio with my bikini girl, did 2 massage, trained 1 more, then instructed 10 in bootcamp!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I felt good and energetic all day long!

Tomorrow Nicole & I are training at 6am. Then I'm doing another session of cardio before 530 bootcamp! Sunday morning I'm taking progress pix. I def. feel tighter! That's all I can ask for!
TIGHT & TINY-TIGHT & TINY-TIGHT & TINY! That's my mantra right now.........

Have a fabulous Friday! Don't forget to watch the Opening Ceremonies! YAY!

Love love~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SUIT DECISION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright: Here we go: Big decision time!

Nicole & I went to our 1st meeting with our seamstress. We each got swatches of our color we just have to come to a decision! Nicole is likely going to use this REALLY pretty aqua/turquoise blue that will look sweet with her eyes & dark hair..........I swatches of ALL different color: Feel free to chime in on choices:

*Dark Blue with sparkles
*Blueish Purple
*Pink Crushed Velvet
*Gold Hologram (think Nicole Wilkins)

Of course with all the above, there will be plenty of colored and sworaski stones to make it pop......but I just can't decide!
Another thing I need to finalize ASAP is my routine. I have never done a theme and I'm thinking this year I may! Any ideas?!?!?!? I would love to do a salsa/hip hop/flashy routine. That would be lots of fun and would appeal to the, I gotta get that figured out! Also, I need to either buy a premade copy of music or choose songs of my own and have someone mix it........eye yi yi!!!!!!!!!!
Oh by the way---training and such is going very well! Last week was a little trying with some work "issues" and I got rundown and stressed-----BUT I FEEL GREAT NOW!!!!!!!!!! So, perhaps set back by a day or so, but I will make up for it this week!!!!!!!!! 75 days to go!!!!!!!
Gotta get back to the superbowl......2nd half here we go!

Have a lovely week!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Body Buggin'

Its FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowzers! Gotta love when a new month falls on a monday (I know I say that everytime it happens! ) But come one, what better time to start executing goals then NOW, on a MONDAY, FEB. 1st!?!?!!?
Over the weekend, I activated my BODYBUGG! One of my clients is no longer using hers, so I'm testing it out. I gotta give it to them, it's Saaaaaaweet! No joke. I've set my goals for calories burned per day, steps taken, and activity time--and I've hit them everyday!
Now, it says it's up to 90% correct on its tracking. And, since I'm progressing like I want, it's just an additional tool to keep me motivated! I seriously can see/feel changes everyday. It's very liberating to be in control. I know I can do this all the time, but without a set goal, I def. lack motivation, and settle in maintainance mode. But wow, I'm just loving working my booty off and eating clean clean clean!!!!!!!!
Today Nicole & I hit our 6am workout with a vengence. If Nicole ever asks you to do an AB workout with her...........Emphatically tell her NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Just kidding, it totally kicked my butt, and that was AFTER we toasted our shoulders! EYE YI YI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm heading to bed early tonight! Gotta let that body heal!
Love ya'll, make it an ahhhhmazing week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EM :)