Monday, February 1, 2010

Body Buggin'

Its FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowzers! Gotta love when a new month falls on a monday (I know I say that everytime it happens! ) But come one, what better time to start executing goals then NOW, on a MONDAY, FEB. 1st!?!?!!?
Over the weekend, I activated my BODYBUGG! One of my clients is no longer using hers, so I'm testing it out. I gotta give it to them, it's Saaaaaaweet! No joke. I've set my goals for calories burned per day, steps taken, and activity time--and I've hit them everyday!
Now, it says it's up to 90% correct on its tracking. And, since I'm progressing like I want, it's just an additional tool to keep me motivated! I seriously can see/feel changes everyday. It's very liberating to be in control. I know I can do this all the time, but without a set goal, I def. lack motivation, and settle in maintainance mode. But wow, I'm just loving working my booty off and eating clean clean clean!!!!!!!!
Today Nicole & I hit our 6am workout with a vengence. If Nicole ever asks you to do an AB workout with her...........Emphatically tell her NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Just kidding, it totally kicked my butt, and that was AFTER we toasted our shoulders! EYE YI YI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm heading to bed early tonight! Gotta let that body heal!
Love ya'll, make it an ahhhhmazing week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EM :)


  1. hey em! would love to go hiking with you when your in town!! just let me know when :):) keep kicking ass chica!!

  2. I think I need one of these bodybug things. Chalene Johnson was telling me about them....hmmm. ;-)


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