Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress & half Tan :)

HEY GUYS!!!!! Took pix before cardio this morn. Last night I experimented with Pro-Tan's overnight tanner (not stage formula) just for fun---and pretty much just did my arms and tummy. :) And I possibly slept with one arm over my head and got it on my cheek-no worries :) nothing bronzer can't hide!!! haaaa!
Google is being lame and not letting me upload more---so check back lataaaa! LOVE!!! EM

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tough LOVE!!!

First off---all is well in contest prep land! I'm ONE MONTH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is such as awesome post, I really don't link something unless I really think it's juicy! :) So if you have a chance, PLEASE read this!! (click below)


EM :0)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zi Ahhsessz

That title only makes sense if you were my workout partner bright and early monday morning.

Holy. Asschecks. Batman.

:) Pardon the language, but(t)............whoaaaa

We did glute and hamstring work and I am STILL feeling it. Lots of step-up. That gets me everytime!
I'm feeling F.A.B. seriously. Can't believe I felt like absolute CRAP last week.
This morning we mimiced (sp?) a Monica Brant Shoulder workout. It was AWEEEESOME!
Tonight I'm teaching Turbokick and I pray my leg fibers don't rip!!!!
Today is March 24th. April 24th I will compete! YAY! (31 days!)
Ahhh, I just got, really, I did! :)

Hope you all have a rockin day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love~
EM :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


YAY! For Good Health!!!!!!! BRING ON THE NEXT 5 WEEKS!
Preview of my suit: Should I be concerned by the debris of SPARKLES all over me?? That could be problematic...we shall see--hopfully I don't have to choose a new material!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Whatever SuperBugg has invaded my body--please remove yourself in a timely manner---meaning RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
oh gosh you guys-coming from someone who never gets sick----this sucks. I've been less than 100% since last friday. First flu-like, but then cough and congestion. Me NO LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention I'm 5 1/2 weeks out. Am I panicing? I plead the 5th.
I'm waiting for my bootcampers to get here, give them a rockin class, then I'm heading home for some moderate cardio before I call it a night. Sleep is good.

Hopefully my next post will be FULL of good health, good workouts, and great progress!

Love you all and wish you MUCH great health always~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tag you're it!

Soooo, not contest related....but as I sit here blogging, I'm watching my 2 westies play tag outside. They're hilaaaaaarious! Their tails are going chases the other, then speeds off-oh the life of a puppy! :) :) Too fun!

Alright, workouts then a 'health' update
#69 Taught Turbokick *3/10/10*
#68 Legs & Back with Nicole + 15 min. on bike *3/11/10*
#67 Cardio Circuit at Studio with Janelle *3/11/10*

Then comes thursday evening bootcamp classes that I taught.....I had about 5 cups of herbal tea I was sooooooooooooo cold-couldn't get warm. Feeling achy, just thought it was from the workout that morn. After bootcamp I took a hot epsom salt bath---that helped but then I couldn't cool down. I ended up having to sleep with a joking.

Soooo basically Friday was written off as a complete REST day. Havn't had one of those in a while so I must have been due. I was achy all day and had a mild headache........not awesome

Anyway, today I'm feeling much better. Not 100%, but close!
TOmorrow Nicole and I are going to try on our suits. Ohhh, goood, ness................6 weeks to keep shedding fat!!

I'm off to do some mild elliptical work!
have an awesome weekend~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving right along!

#72-PLYOmetric with Nicole + 55 min. cardio circuit *3/8/10*
#71-Shoulders with Nicole (no cardio--too hANGRY!!! :) ) *3/9/10*
#70-Circuit cardio @ the Studio with Janelle *3/9/10*

Hope you're all having a great week thus far!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worrrrrk It

I love practicing posing!!! Today nicole & I practiced at the YMCA. It's so funny, we're in the aerobics rooms and there are random people that use the same area, peek it, probably wondering what DA HELLLLL are those girls doing in their sky high heels?!?! :) I love it!
It was a successful posing session and next time we will video and take lots of pix (I feel a VLOG coming soon! :) )

Yesterday I continued with the 80 in 50 workout series.
#76---Pure Cardio (from Insanity, hubs bday present) and Cardio Abs
#75---90 min. POWER walk outside in the sunshine! (jammin to the ipod)
#74---45 min. easy elliptical
#73---20 min. stairmill/20 min. bike/20 min. EFT

HOLLAAAA!!!!!! i'm so pumped with all the workouts! Tomorrow we will do Plyometrics in the gym and I'll do some easy cardio in the afternoon! I'm working a lot on stretching and my strength moves. Gotta perfect them!!!!!!!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EM :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

80 in 50.

Yesterday marks my 50 day countdown. 50 days, I will complete (at least) 80 workouts. Now, those aren't all crazy lifting sessions or high intensity workouts, but they are workouts that I will make C.O.U.N.T. call me crazy, but I've already done 4! :) :)

Sooooo, I'm taking progress pix this Sunday. It's getting closer and I'm getting more and more excited. The point I'm at right now is basically where I was at my last show. (uhhhh, if that says anything about my conditioning for my last show....) ANYWAY, I will keep plugging away, doing the work, and can't wait for April 24th!!

I'm tracking all 80, starting with yesterday:::
#80-H.I.T.T. on the tready followed by LEGS workout with Nicole. (yowzaa) *3/4/10*
#79-45 min. cardio circuit (stepper, ellip, tread) at Studio with Janelle *3/4/10*
#78-45 min. upperbody & yoga in Schwetty's *3/5/10*
#77-45 min. TurboKick at Studio *3/5/10*

Off to check the Arnold results!!!

have a fab weekend! I'll be posting #76, 75, 74 and 73 by Sunday eve! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock it don't stop it!
EM :)

Monday, March 1, 2010 slime

Just wanted to throw this link out there..........yikes! Hope you didn't have a fastfood hamburger for lunch or anything............ :)

On a better note- I'm off to bed because this BG is getting up yet again at 5am to meet my fellow contest prepper nicole for our LEG session. Yikes, I anticipate not being able to walk for a few days. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

MAKE IT A FAB WEEK!!!!!!!!!! 212 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EM :)