Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tag you're it!

Soooo, not contest related....but as I sit here blogging, I'm watching my 2 westies play tag outside. They're hilaaaaaarious! Their tails are going chases the other, then speeds off-oh the life of a puppy! :) :) Too fun!

Alright, workouts then a 'health' update
#69 Taught Turbokick *3/10/10*
#68 Legs & Back with Nicole + 15 min. on bike *3/11/10*
#67 Cardio Circuit at Studio with Janelle *3/11/10*

Then comes thursday evening bootcamp classes that I taught.....I had about 5 cups of herbal tea I was sooooooooooooo cold-couldn't get warm. Feeling achy, just thought it was from the workout that morn. After bootcamp I took a hot epsom salt bath---that helped but then I couldn't cool down. I ended up having to sleep with a joking.

Soooo basically Friday was written off as a complete REST day. Havn't had one of those in a while so I must have been due. I was achy all day and had a mild headache........not awesome

Anyway, today I'm feeling much better. Not 100%, but close!
TOmorrow Nicole and I are going to try on our suits. Ohhh, goood, ness................6 weeks to keep shedding fat!!

I'm off to do some mild elliptical work!
have an awesome weekend~

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