Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If I wrote a baby book....

..I would subtitle it:
"This MAY not work for you because EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT: But Good luck!"
:) I say that in jest, but REALLY!!!!!! I have gotten great tidbits from every baby book I own, BUT I have not followed any one to a T. I hope all moms give themselves some slack because honestly, what works one day may not work the other. What works for child #1 may be different for child #2. This all seems so obvious outside looking in--but when you're in the thick of it (and sleep deprived) it doesn't! Basically, I have the utmost respect for mothers. Period.
Ok, now back to the topic at hand---Ready for some rambling?!?!
My friend Ashley and I were talking about Sleep. Who knew the topic of sleep could be so important...oh so very very very important! :) Anyway, she was asking more about the EAS routine/schedule. It's been a little over a week since we've tried implementing it and I am very impressed. I said in my last post that I was mistaking her fatigue for hunger. After about 75-90 mins of being awake and playing *this INCLUDES nursing time* she starts to fuss and turn her head away. Well, up until now, I would feed her again. Because nursing made the fussing stop, right?! It did, but then I was WONDERING why we were nursing every 2 hours when "the books" say it should be closer to 3 hour. Well, low and behold, three hours is just about EXACTLY how long we go now, because of EAS. I also find she eats so much more efficently. Her nursing sessions are about 15 mins. during the day (longer @ night) when they used to be like 25 mins. because she would just take her time.
Another thing I have found with Vivian is that there is a correlation between her wake time and how long it takes to put her down. For instance, if she is up a little over an hour, she is very easy to put down...if she's up for 2 hours or so, it takes 15 mins. to get her down...now if she's up 4+ hours, look out you're in for the long run....I'm not joking, poor babe, if we miss her signs or are out and about (and she only gets a catnap) she takes a long time to settle down due to overtiredness....So basically we're still learning. Everyday is a little different and I truly appreciate the ability to be home with her and find what works for us!
Here are some pix from when my mom (vivian's MIMI) was here-(The one with her Dad shows how LONG she is! and the 2nd one is with her namesake Yiayia Vivian) As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE visits from my family, it's always bittersweet because I think of how AWESOME it would be if we got to see them everyday....maybe someday?!?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on the 4th Trimester

The first 3 months of infancy have been dubbed the 4th Trimester. WE MADE IT THROUGH! There is such an learning curve during those first three months-God bless every parent-as it is a very trying (albeit AMAZING) time. We have learned so much about this little girl. She is amazing!!! It's crazy, in the previous post I talked about changing her activity and eating schedule---The biggest thing I've discovered is that I have mistaken some of her fatigue cues as hunger cues! She is adapting very well to the new E.A.S. schedule--bless her heart it's gotta be a big switch to fall asleep for naps and bedtime without nursing beforehand (which is what we had done).
Here are some stats and pix:
Age: 3 months
Weight: 14# exactly what i weighed as a 3 month old! crazy!
Diapers: Size 2 (kept blowing out her 1's)
Clothes: some 6 month sleepers! this girl is LONG! the 3 month clothing is too short-she can't even straighten her legs
Hair: still brown, but she is just now starting to lose her newborn hair. I'm thinking it will be light brown.
Eyes: pretty blue like her dad.
Swaddle: yes. everytime. her startle reflex is still super strong. I've tried naps without it, but she wakes herself in just minutes.
Sleep: Well, we were going pretty well from 11p-7a, but between trying to get her to sleep earlier (8ish?) and not nursing to sleep, so we've had some 3am and 4am wakeups. this is trial and error... and makes me realllly miss those solid 8 hours! :)
Smiles: All the time-such a goofball!
Laughs: No real ones yet, but I cannot WAIT!
Coos: Sort of, but nothing consistent yet.
Nursing: Very good! 6 7 or 8 times a day
Tummy Time: Seems to enjoy it very much so. And she just LOVES her new playmat, she kicks and bats at the hanging animals-it's hilarious!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Funny, life B.B. (before baby) I would have thought EAS meant EAS Nutrition protein supplements. :) Now, EAS stands for Eat, Activiy, Sleep (usually paired with Y- for you time) Anyway, the last couple of days, we have been trying this with miss V (12 week old, by the way!) Up until now, we have had success with Eating, Sleeping, Activity, BUT I really want to get to a place where she doesn't need to nurse to sleep. I wouldn't change anything we have done the last three months. She has been a great sleeper, we have had AMAZING bonding, she has been worn just about everyday (which I will continue) but I really want her to have the ability and skill to fall asleep by herself. I think as parents, the absolute best gift you can give your child (besides of course unconditional love) is HEALTHY SLEEP PATTERNS!!!! There is so much research about the fact that a baby's brain develops so much during sleeptime. So, without getting on a soapbox, I will report that we are doing ok with the new schedule! Now, when she wakes up, we feed right away, then play, then put her back down to sleep. Rinse lather and repeat. The cycle can be 2.5-3.5 hours long. I don't expect our schedule to be without a few hiccups! But, so far so good!
My mom (Vivi's Mimi) is coming this Friday!!!!!!!!!! Oh we are so excited to have her! She will be here until Wednesday, so hopefully the weather will warm up so we can get out and about for some nice walks or even a hike!? I ordered a new baby carrier, the ErgoBaby Sport. I have been borrowing a baby bjorn, which is wonderful and super easy to put on, but little one is almost 14lbs. and that's a little much. I can handle it for about half an hour before my mid back starts screaming! The ErgoBaby (hence the name) is designed for longer duration of holding baby. Most of the weight is distributed to the hips instead of the shoulders/midback. I'm super excited! Def. not the cheapest invention, but we will use it a ton! I'll update you once we get a hang of it!
Also, an update on the carseat, go figure--just a phase! The last few outings she has been happy as a clam! Little bugger! :)
Alright, naptime is almost over-gotta run! I still have a few topics I want to blog about, but sometimes I don't get a chance to let my thoughts blend into comprehensive blogposts!And honestly, if there are typos, I apologize! Does mommybrain ever subside??!! :)
Here are a few pix:VIvi practicing the bumbo. And, blitz' version of a treadmill workout! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This past weekend was a busy one! Gene turned 33 and we had a party at his folks house. As everyone with children knows, you really work off the wee-one's schedule for the first few months. BUT, we mananged to arrive on time! And Vivi ate on schedule and was happy as she was passed around from Yiayia, papou and great yiayia.
Lately, she is having a little aversion to her carseat...I adjusted the straps each time so it doesn't dig into her shoulders; I make sure her diaper is fresh; Also, she doesn't take a paci, so it's hard to soothe her if she's crying (usually she only cries if she hungry or dirty and those are two quick/easy fixes). So, any ideas? I even had her in the carseat to go for a walk in her stroller...she was just NOT having it...in fact we turned around, came home and strapped on the Baby Bjorn...We need to start loving the carseat again...here's to positive thinking! :)
I can't say it enough, Vivi is just a little sweetpea. I'll do another "DAY IN THE LIFE" of a 12 week old next week. Here are a couple pix of Our Little One (except the last one, that's baby EM! I think I was 5 months?)