Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Funny, life B.B. (before baby) I would have thought EAS meant EAS Nutrition protein supplements. :) Now, EAS stands for Eat, Activiy, Sleep (usually paired with Y- for you time) Anyway, the last couple of days, we have been trying this with miss V (12 week old, by the way!) Up until now, we have had success with Eating, Sleeping, Activity, BUT I really want to get to a place where she doesn't need to nurse to sleep. I wouldn't change anything we have done the last three months. She has been a great sleeper, we have had AMAZING bonding, she has been worn just about everyday (which I will continue) but I really want her to have the ability and skill to fall asleep by herself. I think as parents, the absolute best gift you can give your child (besides of course unconditional love) is HEALTHY SLEEP PATTERNS!!!! There is so much research about the fact that a baby's brain develops so much during sleeptime. So, without getting on a soapbox, I will report that we are doing ok with the new schedule! Now, when she wakes up, we feed right away, then play, then put her back down to sleep. Rinse lather and repeat. The cycle can be 2.5-3.5 hours long. I don't expect our schedule to be without a few hiccups! But, so far so good!
My mom (Vivi's Mimi) is coming this Friday!!!!!!!!!! Oh we are so excited to have her! She will be here until Wednesday, so hopefully the weather will warm up so we can get out and about for some nice walks or even a hike!? I ordered a new baby carrier, the ErgoBaby Sport. I have been borrowing a baby bjorn, which is wonderful and super easy to put on, but little one is almost 14lbs. and that's a little much. I can handle it for about half an hour before my mid back starts screaming! The ErgoBaby (hence the name) is designed for longer duration of holding baby. Most of the weight is distributed to the hips instead of the shoulders/midback. I'm super excited! Def. not the cheapest invention, but we will use it a ton! I'll update you once we get a hang of it!
Also, an update on the carseat, go figure--just a phase! The last few outings she has been happy as a clam! Little bugger! :)
Alright, naptime is almost over-gotta run! I still have a few topics I want to blog about, but sometimes I don't get a chance to let my thoughts blend into comprehensive blogposts!And honestly, if there are typos, I apologize! Does mommybrain ever subside??!! :)
Here are a few pix:VIvi practicing the bumbo. And, blitz' version of a treadmill workout! :)

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