Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on the 4th Trimester

The first 3 months of infancy have been dubbed the 4th Trimester. WE MADE IT THROUGH! There is such an learning curve during those first three months-God bless every parent-as it is a very trying (albeit AMAZING) time. We have learned so much about this little girl. She is amazing!!! It's crazy, in the previous post I talked about changing her activity and eating schedule---The biggest thing I've discovered is that I have mistaken some of her fatigue cues as hunger cues! She is adapting very well to the new E.A.S. schedule--bless her heart it's gotta be a big switch to fall asleep for naps and bedtime without nursing beforehand (which is what we had done).
Here are some stats and pix:
Age: 3 months
Weight: 14# exactly what i weighed as a 3 month old! crazy!
Diapers: Size 2 (kept blowing out her 1's)
Clothes: some 6 month sleepers! this girl is LONG! the 3 month clothing is too short-she can't even straighten her legs
Hair: still brown, but she is just now starting to lose her newborn hair. I'm thinking it will be light brown.
Eyes: pretty blue like her dad.
Swaddle: yes. everytime. her startle reflex is still super strong. I've tried naps without it, but she wakes herself in just minutes.
Sleep: Well, we were going pretty well from 11p-7a, but between trying to get her to sleep earlier (8ish?) and not nursing to sleep, so we've had some 3am and 4am wakeups. this is trial and error... and makes me realllly miss those solid 8 hours! :)
Smiles: All the time-such a goofball!
Laughs: No real ones yet, but I cannot WAIT!
Coos: Sort of, but nothing consistent yet.
Nursing: Very good! 6 7 or 8 times a day
Tummy Time: Seems to enjoy it very much so. And she just LOVES her new playmat, she kicks and bats at the hanging animals-it's hilarious!

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  1. Love the pic's n little outfits -she's darling!


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