Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This past weekend was a busy one! Gene turned 33 and we had a party at his folks house. As everyone with children knows, you really work off the wee-one's schedule for the first few months. BUT, we mananged to arrive on time! And Vivi ate on schedule and was happy as she was passed around from Yiayia, papou and great yiayia.
Lately, she is having a little aversion to her carseat...I adjusted the straps each time so it doesn't dig into her shoulders; I make sure her diaper is fresh; Also, she doesn't take a paci, so it's hard to soothe her if she's crying (usually she only cries if she hungry or dirty and those are two quick/easy fixes). So, any ideas? I even had her in the carseat to go for a walk in her stroller...she was just NOT having it...in fact we turned around, came home and strapped on the Baby Bjorn...We need to start loving the carseat again...here's to positive thinking! :)
I can't say it enough, Vivi is just a little sweetpea. I'll do another "DAY IN THE LIFE" of a 12 week old next week. Here are a couple pix of Our Little One (except the last one, that's baby EM! I think I was 5 months?)

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