Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If I wrote a baby book....

..I would subtitle it:
"This MAY not work for you because EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT: But Good luck!"
:) I say that in jest, but REALLY!!!!!! I have gotten great tidbits from every baby book I own, BUT I have not followed any one to a T. I hope all moms give themselves some slack because honestly, what works one day may not work the other. What works for child #1 may be different for child #2. This all seems so obvious outside looking in--but when you're in the thick of it (and sleep deprived) it doesn't! Basically, I have the utmost respect for mothers. Period.
Ok, now back to the topic at hand---Ready for some rambling?!?!
My friend Ashley and I were talking about Sleep. Who knew the topic of sleep could be so important...oh so very very very important! :) Anyway, she was asking more about the EAS routine/schedule. It's been a little over a week since we've tried implementing it and I am very impressed. I said in my last post that I was mistaking her fatigue for hunger. After about 75-90 mins of being awake and playing *this INCLUDES nursing time* she starts to fuss and turn her head away. Well, up until now, I would feed her again. Because nursing made the fussing stop, right?! It did, but then I was WONDERING why we were nursing every 2 hours when "the books" say it should be closer to 3 hour. Well, low and behold, three hours is just about EXACTLY how long we go now, because of EAS. I also find she eats so much more efficently. Her nursing sessions are about 15 mins. during the day (longer @ night) when they used to be like 25 mins. because she would just take her time.
Another thing I have found with Vivian is that there is a correlation between her wake time and how long it takes to put her down. For instance, if she is up a little over an hour, she is very easy to put down...if she's up for 2 hours or so, it takes 15 mins. to get her down...now if she's up 4+ hours, look out you're in for the long run....I'm not joking, poor babe, if we miss her signs or are out and about (and she only gets a catnap) she takes a long time to settle down due to overtiredness....So basically we're still learning. Everyday is a little different and I truly appreciate the ability to be home with her and find what works for us!
Here are some pix from when my mom (vivian's MIMI) was here-(The one with her Dad shows how LONG she is! and the 2nd one is with her namesake Yiayia Vivian) As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE visits from my family, it's always bittersweet because I think of how AWESOME it would be if we got to see them everyday....maybe someday?!?

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