Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15 weeks!

Little one was 15 weeks yesterday. I am almost finished with the main portion of her baby book. I printed a ton of pix off of shutterfly and have had lots of fun putting it together. I have my babybook and it's been fun to look back at it and compare Vivi's milestones with mine. I hope one day she will enjoy looking back on hers! :) I have a feeling April will be a big month for her. She is rolling side to side, and with a little help rolled from tummy to back...so I'm assuming the full rollover (back to front and back) will be coming anytime now. Although this milestone is looming, we have no plans to stop swaddling for naps/bedtime. She has such a strong reflex that she whaps herself in the face...infact two nights in a row I had a lovely 3am wakeup call due to ms. houdini! :) So, doubleswaddle is in affect! Another milestone I am dying to hear is LAUGHING!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear her little laugh. She making sweet little noices and will mimic the motorboat sound which is hilarious...but the laugh, I'm so excited for that! :) We had a checkup yesterday and she is a biggg girl! She is 95th% for Height and 85th% for weight! It's funny, I didn't have too much discomfort (other than the norm) while pregnant and carrying extra weight, but when I hold her (14#) oh man my midback kills me! I need to work on keeping my shoulderblades down and back otherwise I'm sore everyday! Other note on weight, I am down 30# in 15 weeks! Which really blows my mind to be honest. With PCOS going into pregnancy (and the additional weight I gained prior...possibly due to the clomid) I feared I would pack on the pounds. Then, after Vivi I assumed I would have a hard time dropping the weight, because--sheesh---losing weight was NEVER easy for me. But here I am, under my prepregnancy weight, and having done nothing but a random strength training 1-2X a week and walking MAYBE 3-4 times a week. I eat as much as is neccessary to keep my milk supply and energy levels up. I feel GREAT! I guess once again I am just amazed by the human body! Pretty fantastic! Alright, next week I'll post the day in the life of a 16 week old (not to be confused with A 4 month old...she's not 4 months until April 19th, if you wanna get technical! :) ) Oh, LASTLY!!! My nieces: THE TWINS!!! RUBY AND MADY!! LOVE THEM cannot wait to meet them soon!!!!

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