Friday, April 27, 2012

4 months-Baby Vivian

*Ok, I'm so done with blogger. Why oh WHY are there no spaces? In the Compose box--this is all nicely bulleted it's all combined...ugh. anyway, here ya go: Age: 4 months Weight: Just under 16lbs. Whoa babes! Diapers: Size 2 Clothes: All size 6 month. Or 6-9 months. Again, this babe is LONG! Ok, fine, and a little chunky :) Hair: still brown and still losing her newborn hair-but it's funny in some pictures it looks auburn! Eyes: pretty blue like her dad. I adore her eyes! Swaddle: Would you believe it!? NO MORE SWADDLE!!!!!!! However, we are crazy, and were taken over by the billion dollar baby industry......we bought the Baby Merlin Sleep Suit. and I die. It's so freakin hilarious and cute I can't stand it. She is my sumo baby. I feel I need a whole post dedicated to this "apparatus". She sleep so well. Coincidence? MAYBE--but it still helps her startle reflex and seems to keep her snuggly and content. Sleep: See above. Usually she is asleep by 9ish--and sleeps until 7ish Woohoo! (However, I did experience my first and hopefully LAST clogged milk duct. Wow. that was so painful! and due to the fact that she was sleeping so long. After just a few days I think my body has adjusted!) Smiles: All the time-such a goofball--however, please note how UNIMPRESSED she is with all the pix I insist on taking...she's soooo over it! :) Laughs: Dang it! She is gonna make us work for that first laugh! She smiles soooooo hard and exhales really loud but no laugh. It's coming!!!! Coos: Her favorite thing is blowing bubbles and raspberries. She is most talkative with Daddy right after bathtime while getting ready for bed. She will "talk" to him for a while and kick around. It's so sweet. Nursing: Very good (minus the clogged duct) we are pretty consistent at 6 times a day. Tummy Time: Great. Very content on her belly. Able to roll over onto her back (not often though) and just last night rolled from back to belly!\ Favorite Toys: Yellow Dog with the crinkly belly AND the pink bunny her Auntie Stefi got her for easter. This bunny gets her complete attention-so funny! It sings and lights up and moves around! Also, do her hands count? She loves suckin on her hand or fist. *As the months go on, we fall more and more in love with this little girl. She is so much fun and I can't wait for my Kansas family to meet her!!!! Less than three weeks!!!!

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