Thursday, June 23, 2011

Make room 4 MULTIPLES!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, Not ME!!!!!
MY SISTER IS HAVING FRATERNAL TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy crap, how exciting is that!!?? THREE "reed" babies in December! Seriously amazing!!
So yesterday was her 12 week ultrasound. I was waitttting for her to call me and give me the deets....Well, finally she calls and this is what she says,

"Do you know what 'gemelos' means?" *she asked in spanish*

"Huh?? What do you mean? No, I have no idea what that means!!!" *I thought she was trying to tell me she already found out the babys' sex!*

"Gemelos is spanish for TWINS!"

I am sooo freaking excited for them! Our maternal Grandmother (Hi G'ma Diana!!!!) is a fraternal twin. Fraternal twins, I do believe, are genetic only on the maternal side. I about 4 weeks I think they'll find out what they're having!! Hopefully she gets a least one girl out of this!! My nephew Gavin will be sooooooo helpful and just the best big brother!!!
My clients are so awesome. Some of them are like family! So, sharing the news that I was preggers.......then my sister was she's expecting Twins.......Ohh, it's just so fun to share these AWESOME moments with them!!!!
I'm already counting down to Labor Day (68 days...) when my Mom, Dad, Seeter & nephew Gavin come up to visit! She and I will be on the brink of starting the third trimester, so crazy to think about!!! I'm still super super super sad that we can't be with each other during EITHER deliver/recovery period.....BUT! We will certainly make a Spring trip work!! No doubt about it! Also, maybe I can get her to start a BLOG!!!!

Alright, I'll upload pix this weekend! Tomorrow I'm 15 weeks! Still pretty thicky thick thru the middle, but no bump yet......why do have a feeling it's just days away from popping!!!?? Hey I can't wait! BRING ON THE BABY BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love love love~
EM & Baby!

(Hey, Krissa, if you're blogging right now, email me! I want to follow your blog but I think it might be sign-in only....Lemme know!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

13.5 Week Update!

HI THERE!!!!! Hope you're all doing well!

All is FANTASTIC on the Pregnancy front! Here's a fun little list:

Days till due date: 184
Doctors appointments: 4
Average heart rate: 165bpm
Pounds gained: 3 (Side note: I am leaving it to the dr. to monitor my weight, I won't be stepping on the scale @ home. Hey, that's just me! :) She said she'll keep on eye on it and let me know if it needs addressed!)
Ultrasounds enjoyed: 4. I know, crazy huh? I had one @ 6 weeks to check for twins, one during my 8 week appt. with the OB (just a dinky old one in the room, not with an actual ultrasound tech.) One for genetic screenings @ 11 weeks, but the baby wasn't in the correct position for measuments so, they twisted my arm and made me go back yesterday for another one! Baby cooperated this time and was flipping all over! AWESOME!)
Movements felt: None yet, just GAS! :) ha
Favorite breakfast: Hmmm, toss up. Some days oats + blueberries, others Ezekial Egg Sandwich
Favorite lunch: Usually leftovers from dinner--if I'm lucky some quality source of protein...I still find protein a LITTLE hard to eat consistently.
Favorite dinner: Annie's Mac + Cheese. Ok, kid you not, my husband LOVES pasta, esp. mac + cheese. I could make it for him all the time before and not have ANY desire AT ALL for it. Just wasn't my cup of tea. Well, boy how that has changed....I should buy stock in yummy and filling--perhaps it's the calcium????
Favorite drink: ICED ICED ICED water with a splash of Tea or Lemonade or Cranberry Juice. LOVE!
Number names picked out: If it's a girl, it'll be VIVIAN after hubs G'ma. Hmm....boy names, we have about 4, but go back and forth! (Greek boy names are hard!!!! We don't want anything Too ethnic or hard to pronounce!)
Headaches suffered: Actually 2 or 3. Def. not something I ever suffered from. Talked to the doc and since a nap or TONS of liquid seem to help-she is not too concern-nor am I, assuming it's just shifts in hormones!!
Days missed from work: NADA!! I'm happy to say I haven't missed one Butts N Guts class that I teach throughout the whole pregnancy! I was thinking at the beginning I might have to change the format so I was coaching and not TEACHING, but, I've felt great enough to keep doing it!
Current complaint: NONE! I love being preggers!!!
Items of maternity wear bought: 2. Motherhood Maternity! 1 pair of shorts + 1 pair of capris!
Average bed time: 930pm
Most embarrassing guilty pleasure: Seriously the Mac + Cheese. SOOO unlike me!! HA, i'm just embracing it!
Days till anatomy scan: About 5 weeks, I'm HOPING the week of July 18th. My next OB appt. is July 6th and she'll set the appt. then!