Sunday, May 30, 2010

It STILL Fits!

Last monday we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. A girl I knew from bookclub told me how she always puts her dress on and takes a pictures with how ever many years they celebrated! I totally loved the idea, so last year I did it, and this past monday I did it again! So fun to see my dress again, I really really love it!!

Also, here is one tuckered puppy. Check out the green tint to the paws....daddy must have mowed today! :) :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


HEYYYYYYYYYYYY GUYS! Thanks sooooo much for your kind words. I have such amazing memories of my Mimi. I was blessed to live with them while I was in limbo (before moving up here from PHX). She was such a character, I only hope people see a little of her in myself! :) :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, back to PHOENIX I GO!!!!!!!! I am, indeed, competing again, JULY 24th in Mesa. I will be doing Fitness & BIKINI!! WHAOOOHOOOO! I am just over 8 weeks out--and luckily this past 4 weeks haven't been too hard on me body! :)

I am confident and thrilled to "ENTER" prep again. I am training with my girl, janelle, she did the April show with me. We have a blast working out and she's so positive and fun!

Monday was Lower body, Today was Upper body and tmrw will be lower body again. Thursday is off, Friday is plyometrics and abzzzzzzzz. :) oh yeah........

off to watch the biggest loser-------what the heck, one of the clients just weighed in at 119. Ummmm, I'd had to cut off a damn appendage to even come close to weighing that...... :)

Lots of love, and bless you all for you kind words and prayers.
A rested and rejuvenated EM :)

Baklava on my Bday...yummmm

Saturday, May 22, 2010


what a crazy, sad, emotionally and physically draining few weeks it has been....I am sitting at the lakehouse in couredelane with my hubz (its our 2nd wedding anniv!!!) and the 2 pups. this weekend i am debriefing and trying to re-energize myself.
its so tough to write this--but last sunday my dads mom (my mimi) passed.....
she'd had a stroke the previous tuesday and by friday was in a hospice situation...she was surrounded by lots and lots of love and passed at her home-which is def. how she would have liked it. we flew home monday and didnt get home until yesterday. we stayed at a diffferent place each nite and drove all over southwest/central kansas. it was wonderful to see all my family--but never under those circumstances....
im so sad that she no longer will be following my crazy adventures on my blog. she read it religiously and was probably my biggest fan!!! =)
off to rest and relax....ill update u on my next adventure (which will sort of be 'in her honor') MISS YOU MIMI!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm getting the most out of life--- NPC 2010 membership. :)
Yep---I'm going to compete again. and possibly again.
So here's the thing-when you compete-you join the NPC organization for 1 calender year (jan 2010-dec. 2010) I'm going to make the most of this and attempt a couple more shows before I hang my heels up for good!!! I was soooooooooo entirely thrilled with my last performance, that I would be content being done for the long run.......but then a HUGE part of me missed the I started researching more shows. Unfortunately-the last show I did was not a national qualifier-so I must 1st get my national qualification before I can move on. What I'm thinking is--Compete July 24th in MESA ARIZONA!!!! with hopes of gaining nat'l qualification-then Compete Aug. 28th in Texas at Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???!!!!??!?!!!? :-0 Shoot for the MOON, EH???!!!!
So, please feel free to follow me again!! This prep will be fantastic considering I already have my suit (no more spending sunday afternoons at with my seamstress) my routine is complete (with much room for more sassiness) and my sis in law lives in Phoenix (and quite possibly will compete in the bikini division). Now, I understand this prep occurs during summer--which to me makes perfect sense--I want to maintain my health over summer!!!!!!! When I am not in prep, I find I get a little too lax with the diet, so structure works well for me. My goal is for the "dieting" if you will, not affect anyone but me. This is my choice and I'm ready to push thru! (The one thing I don't enjoy about prep, is when people say---ohhh, you're dieting.....but really-that doesn't affect them. People can eat whatever they want-it shouldn't affect them if I bring my own food or opt out.......I hate that!! :( )

Looks like saturday puts me 10 weeks out from AZ and 15 weeks out from TX. Holy cow!!!!!!!

I'll keep ya posted!!!!!!
Much love~