Tuesday, May 25, 2010


HEYYYYYYYYYYYY GUYS! Thanks sooooo much for your kind words. I have such amazing memories of my Mimi. I was blessed to live with them while I was in limbo (before moving up here from PHX). She was such a character, I only hope people see a little of her in myself! :) :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, back to PHOENIX I GO!!!!!!!! I am, indeed, competing again, JULY 24th in Mesa. I will be doing Fitness & BIKINI!! WHAOOOHOOOO! I am just over 8 weeks out--and luckily this past 4 weeks haven't been too hard on me body! :)

I am confident and thrilled to "ENTER" prep again. I am training with my girl, janelle, she did the April show with me. We have a blast working out and she's so positive and fun!

Monday was Lower body, Today was Upper body and tmrw will be lower body again. Thursday is off, Friday is plyometrics and abzzzzzzzz. :) oh yeah........

off to watch the biggest loser-------what the heck, one of the clients just weighed in at 119. Ummmm, I'd had to cut off a damn appendage to even come close to weighing that...... :)

Lots of love, and bless you all for you kind words and prayers.
A rested and rejuvenated EM :)

Baklava on my Bday...yummmm

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