Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update Below--pix right hurrr

3 down............

Well, I can say I've prepped and competed in 3 fitness shows.
The first one had the "NEW-NESS" and the unknown factor of attempting something new.

The 2nd one was post wedding/honeymoon and I can say I half-assed my training.

This show I worked hard. I trained with my buddies Nicole & janelle. I had healthy eating habits entering contest prep. I had a plan! I did my own training and my own nutrition. Did it all on my own and I am pleased with how I did! 2nd place!!!(out of 3) But DAMN if I didn't ROCK my routine at the night show! I had so sooooooooooo much fun! I will get it uploaded and link it as soon as I can! This week I'll get some pix posted, too! I'm too busy doing laundry and cleaning house to get all of them uploaded!
All in all it was such a wonderful experience. I had my family there, 20 of my clients there, and it was in my own backyard! And, I'm a year older. :) Life is GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love love~

Monday, April 19, 2010

So soooooo close!

Well well well........peak week is here! I cannot believe it!
I've wanted to hop on a post, but dang, everytime I think about it-something else comes up-----or perhaps I subconciously don't want to see the countdown clock on my page.......... :)
I'm so ready. So excited. So organized (thanks to nicole) So pumped!

I get my suit tonight. I've finalized my routine outfit (still finetuning routine transitions) my posing feels/looks good, nutrition/h20 is fine-I've plan out my days to the hour basically!
My family gets here Thursday night (after my photoshoot!) and I'm off work thurs/fri/mon (my bday!) so I am hitting it hard the next couple days then I'll be coasting into SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having my makeup done by the BEST makeup artist in town-cant wait!

Alright, I'm here there and everywhere in my head right now-forgive me-but do check back this weekend for updates/results!!!
Thank you all for your AWESSSSSSSSSSSEme support! I truly appreciate it!
Lots of love~
EM :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 week peek

Thursday, April 8, 2010

These are a few of my fav. things!!!

HEY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how close I'm getting to stepping on stage infront of family & friends., I'm so sooooooo excited I can't stand it! :)
So, with a couple modifications here and there, I'm still able to enjoy my top 10 foods: In no particular order- :)
Pumpkin Seeds, Apples, Eggs, Beans (garbanzo/black), Romaine/Spinach, almond Butter, Berries(all), Oat Bran, Flax/Chia seeds, Chunk lite Tuna.

I relying on REAL food. Very little protein powder supps-opting for fish or eggs for that

I'm feeling great. This is a very excxiting time in contest prep because you can really see little changes each day. I'm happy with my 3 week out pix--especially because I'm not tan. We all know how helpful a tan is!

I'm used to being a sore old lady. I'm doing epsom salt baths, glutamine and magnesium supplements but i'm still crazy sore!!!!!

Tomorrow afternoon is dedicated 100% to routine practice and posing! :) :) yay!!!! Maybe I'll post some pix or video!

Hope you're all doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 weeks ta gooooo

Hey THERE!!!!! Christos Anesti!
Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends!
Nicole & I visited our suit lady yesterday and boy does that always make me sweat! :) It went pretty well, although I do have some major modifications to my suit........I'll explain that later!
Here are some progress pix from today. We worked on posing and presentation. Good stuff! lots of fun! :) Monday morning is SERIOUS routine work. I've got it all down in my head, but I've still gotta nail it down!! :)
Lots of love~