Friday, August 19, 2011

23 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick check in! I'm 23 weeks along and still feeling quite fantastic!!! I had a check up yesterday and all is well! Her heartrate was 145 and my belly measured right @ 23 weeks! Weight wise I'm up 8lbs and the doc said from here on out expect about a pound per week!!!!! Hey yoooooooo!!! :) Bring it on, I'm all about my body doing whatever is necessary for this lil girl!! Oh, I wanted to note on my last post about the lack of filter people have! I absolutely didn't take it the wrong was when someone said "Ohhh you're barely showing" (this was a while ago) But along the same lines, I've had someone question whether everthing was ok, and had I seen the doctor and make sure she was growing properly! :) Anyway, I think people are very interested in the progress of pregnancy, and even though they may not know the "right" way to say something, they are truly interested and excited......and luckily I"m not super sensitive....
ALTHOUGH!!! On that note again, my emotional front....oh my oh my....Here we go again! I was shopping @ hobby lobby this week and the piano version of How Great Thou Art started playing. Ok, cue tears......That song was sung @ both my Mimi & Papa's funerals.....Yeah, i seriously had to compose myself before I checked out! :) I do love that song though!!!

Her nursery items and bedding came in this week. It is so cute! It's a safari animal scene with Pink/purple and brown animal print. Pretty sweet! My mom is gonna paint for me when they come visit Labor Day! YEAY!!!!!

Well, that's all I have for updates! My tshirts have officially became skin tight so I've had to start altering the wardrobe!! :) It's all in the name of pregnancy!!!! :)

p.s. Krissa~~ girl, are you blogging right now or not?? If you are you gotta add my email if ur blogging private! And yeah! Sending babydust your way for the new year! :) xOXo

Em & Vivian - 23 weeks along!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sobbing, Grunts & Dancing

HEY GUYS!! Just checkin in for an update this week! I'm almost 22 Weeks! WOOHOOO!!! We went to a wedding last friday and the dress I wore made it totally obvious I'm 'with child'. It's funny though, as much as people make rude comments to pregnant women, like, "Whoa, you sure you don't have two babies in there..." or "Are you sure you're not due next month..." which I think are obviously rude statements, I've gotten a lot of "Oh you're FINALLY showing!" Um, I don't think that's exactly nice either! It makes me feel like i have to defend myself of justify things, like that I'm right on track and she's measuring right on the money....And yes, I'm AM FINALLY showing and I'm so thrilled! YAY!!! Ok, rant over, but seriously, people lose all filter when dealing with us preggers!! :)

On the emotional front, which is rearing it's face more frequently, I pretty much lost it again Saturday. We watched Soul Surfer...OMG fantastic movie! But, I freaking LOST IT when they were driving to the hospital and Helen Hunt the momma, had to meet her daughter in an ambulance, near death. Ohhh, my gosh---Seriously, the type of crying where you are sobbing, and then start laughing because you're sobbing...Yeah, my husband was like, Ummm, are you ok?????!!! I just couldn't imagine a mother having to witness her daughter near death...Whoa. But I composed myself and really enjoyed the rest of the movie! We also watched Lincoln Lawyer (again) and really liked it!!

My next appt. is a week from Thursday. I'm feeling great. It's funny, I find myself grunting when I'm moving around, either in and out of bed, or from a seated position to standing. It's humorous because I don't MEAN to, but it sure happens! Also, Miss Vivian is dancing up a storm!!! I can feel her every single day and just LOVE it!!! So crazy! Gene can feel it more frequently too! :)

Alright, that's my update! have an excellent rest of the week!
EM & V
PS: Here's her Stroller/Carseat and Crib! WOOHOOO!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Babymoon in Seattle!

HEY GUYS!! Well, almost 21 weeks pregnant here! We just got home from Seattle where we went on our "babymoon" aka: last get-away before baby! (My fam comes to visit labor day, but other than that, we're staying home for a longgg while!)
We drove over Saturday and stayed til Tues. It was such a fun, relaxing, gluttenous, fabulous weekend!!! We walked all over downtown Seattle, went to the EMP, the piers (CRAB POT!), did lots of shopping and went to a Mariner game that they actually WON!
THE BELLY: Yes, I swear it's obvious! In the morning its not super prominent, but by evening she's visible! Especially at night when I lay on my back (for just a minute!) I can totally feel where she is, and she's where she's suppose to be because I can feel my uterus under my belly button! So weird/crazy/awesome!
WEIGHT: I haven't weighed since coming home from Seattle, but I'm thinking it's 6 or 7 pounds total, which last check with the Doc was right where "I" should be!!
SYMPTOMS: While some days I don't necessarily NEED a nap, a 30min. powersnooze sure does make me feel a LOT better!! It's funny, it's officially challenging to get situated in bed, which yes I'm aware will get much much more difficult! :) Pillows and lots of pillows are lovely!
WORKOUTS: Not much recently!!!! :S We did walk a TON in seattle, and tmrw I'll be back to teaching Butts N Guts. My goal is 4 days of walking anywhere from 30-45 mins. outside ideally, 2 upperbody circuit X week + 2 Butts N Guts classes X Week. Plus a ton of stretching!!!
MOOD: Well...........I am certainly more emotional. Two things that *ALMOST* set me off (crying, which seriously makes me laugh now!!!!) is that we got locked out of our room (TWICE!!!) and had to go ALL the way down to the front desk to have them fix it. Seriously, Sheraton Seattle is a bigass hotel and that was no small walk! And I'm pretty sure one of those times this pregnant bladder about bursted! The OTHER time I seriously almost burst into tears is at the Mariners game....I wanted some water, but didn't want a $4.50 bottle of avaian. So, I kindly asked for a cup so I could fill it up at the water fountain...he said he'd have to charge me $3.50....ummm....okay I get that they have to take inventory and whatnot, but I was dehydrated and come, I rinsed out my hubs beercup and filled it up from the water so silly I know!!!
Here are some pix!!! MUCH LOVE!!!