Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Babymoon in Seattle!

HEY GUYS!! Well, almost 21 weeks pregnant here! We just got home from Seattle where we went on our "babymoon" aka: last get-away before baby! (My fam comes to visit labor day, but other than that, we're staying home for a longgg while!)
We drove over Saturday and stayed til Tues. It was such a fun, relaxing, gluttenous, fabulous weekend!!! We walked all over downtown Seattle, went to the EMP, the piers (CRAB POT!), did lots of shopping and went to a Mariner game that they actually WON!
THE BELLY: Yes, I swear it's obvious! In the morning its not super prominent, but by evening she's visible! Especially at night when I lay on my back (for just a minute!) I can totally feel where she is, and she's where she's suppose to be because I can feel my uterus under my belly button! So weird/crazy/awesome!
WEIGHT: I haven't weighed since coming home from Seattle, but I'm thinking it's 6 or 7 pounds total, which last check with the Doc was right where "I" should be!!
SYMPTOMS: While some days I don't necessarily NEED a nap, a 30min. powersnooze sure does make me feel a LOT better!! It's funny, it's officially challenging to get situated in bed, which yes I'm aware will get much much more difficult! :) Pillows and lots of pillows are lovely!
WORKOUTS: Not much recently!!!! :S We did walk a TON in seattle, and tmrw I'll be back to teaching Butts N Guts. My goal is 4 days of walking anywhere from 30-45 mins. outside ideally, 2 upperbody circuit X week + 2 Butts N Guts classes X Week. Plus a ton of stretching!!!
MOOD: Well...........I am certainly more emotional. Two things that *ALMOST* set me off (crying, which seriously makes me laugh now!!!!) is that we got locked out of our room (TWICE!!!) and had to go ALL the way down to the front desk to have them fix it. Seriously, Sheraton Seattle is a bigass hotel and that was no small walk! And I'm pretty sure one of those times this pregnant bladder about bursted! The OTHER time I seriously almost burst into tears is at the Mariners game....I wanted some water, but didn't want a $4.50 bottle of avaian. So, I kindly asked for a cup so I could fill it up at the water fountain...he said he'd have to charge me $3.50....ummm....okay I get that they have to take inventory and whatnot, but I was dehydrated and come, I rinsed out my hubs beercup and filled it up from the water so silly I know!!!
Here are some pix!!! MUCH LOVE!!!

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