Friday, August 19, 2011

23 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick check in! I'm 23 weeks along and still feeling quite fantastic!!! I had a check up yesterday and all is well! Her heartrate was 145 and my belly measured right @ 23 weeks! Weight wise I'm up 8lbs and the doc said from here on out expect about a pound per week!!!!! Hey yoooooooo!!! :) Bring it on, I'm all about my body doing whatever is necessary for this lil girl!! Oh, I wanted to note on my last post about the lack of filter people have! I absolutely didn't take it the wrong was when someone said "Ohhh you're barely showing" (this was a while ago) But along the same lines, I've had someone question whether everthing was ok, and had I seen the doctor and make sure she was growing properly! :) Anyway, I think people are very interested in the progress of pregnancy, and even though they may not know the "right" way to say something, they are truly interested and excited......and luckily I"m not super sensitive....
ALTHOUGH!!! On that note again, my emotional front....oh my oh my....Here we go again! I was shopping @ hobby lobby this week and the piano version of How Great Thou Art started playing. Ok, cue tears......That song was sung @ both my Mimi & Papa's funerals.....Yeah, i seriously had to compose myself before I checked out! :) I do love that song though!!!

Her nursery items and bedding came in this week. It is so cute! It's a safari animal scene with Pink/purple and brown animal print. Pretty sweet! My mom is gonna paint for me when they come visit Labor Day! YEAY!!!!!

Well, that's all I have for updates! My tshirts have officially became skin tight so I've had to start altering the wardrobe!! :) It's all in the name of pregnancy!!!! :)

p.s. Krissa~~ girl, are you blogging right now or not?? If you are you gotta add my email if ur blogging private! And yeah! Sending babydust your way for the new year! :) xOXo

Em & Vivian - 23 weeks along!

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