Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family Visit--25 Weeks!

Hey ALL! Well, this post is a little late, as I'm already 26 weeks, but my family was here last week and man did we have fun!!! My mom, Dad, sees, nephew & brother in law were so incredibly helpful in getting Vivivan's room set up! My mom & Dad painted, my B-I-L hung blinds, valances & shelves, and my sis and I were project managers! :) The rest of my house got a facelift as well! My dad organized our garage so I can actually open the door enough for the carseat (while both cars are in the garage) and he hung our bikes and tools on the wall. So much more room!!!! We also had an accent wall painted in our Master bedroom and some lovely drapes & new bedding in there! I'm telling ya, in just a couple days, our house is now looking fabulous! :) A huge huge huge thank you to my Family! Even with all the hard work, we were able to have some fun at the lake! My nephew swam, tubed and "drove" the boat! My Dad wakeboarded & my mom attempted wakeboarding! GOOD JOB!! My sis and I layed on the dock the whole time and just relaxed! Here are some pix:
EM & V

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