Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm still here!

Do you ever feel like you're in limbo? I gotta say I'm no fan of this feeling, no fan at all, but......everything happens for a reason!
I need to upload the pix from my folks visit to the inland northwest! We had so much fun-much needed family time indeed!
I'll blog more later, and I don't mean to be melodramatic...hang with me!
EM :)

(The hubs & I--gosh we look young! I think this was 5 yrs ago!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 miles + Stairs!!!

This 4th of july was so much fun! Granted, the weather was poo (think cloudy and 60 some degreees....really??) but with the addition of Ping Pong and a dart board-we were plenty busy!
Also, I never fail to kill it with the workouts at the lake. I get up super early (our "bay" is Sun Up Bay and it's awesome to sit on the deck at 6am with a cup (pot) of coffee!! Glorious!!) There is a trail that clocks in at 2 miles and I did it 4 times this weekend (plus a 1 mile cool down; done twice) I also talked one of our buddies, Kevin, into doing stairs with me one morning. We did 25 sets. Every stair for 5, facing right/crossover 5 times, facing left/crossover 5 times, slow skipping stairs (like lunges) 5 times, 5 everystair FAST. Holy crap. Then we went down to the dock and iced our legs (yeh, no joke, it was an ice bath, the water is like 50-55 degrees)
Food intake was wonderful. SOOOOOOOOOoo much salmon. I think I had 4 or 5 servings! Plus, I make my protein pancakes twice! And pushed the H20 as well!

Yesterday I didn't lift but I ran 5 miles outside. Today I did upperbody work (back with Nic) went to work and taught Butts N Gutz then worked out again with my bikini girl Soooooooo, I'm pooped!
I anticipate a hot epsom salt bath tonight. holy schnikes! (oh BTW, we watched step brothers & Tommy Boy this weekend---what the heck, I'm telling ya we weren't outside that much--tooo cold!!)

Alright, I gotta go try and find some hikes for Glacier National Park! My folks will be here a week from Friday and we're heading to Montana to the park! soooooooooooo pumped!!!

hope you're all well!
Thanks for checkin in on me~
em :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm HERE!!!

Oh my goodness how is it JULY 1st?!?!
I'm so excited for this prep. I've had a successful week and plan on keeping my momentum (yes, even thru the 4th).
Today I got a spray tan (and lost 5 lbs.) so the plan is to take progress pix (11 weeks out!) in the morn. I may or maynot have mentioned that I will be doing both fitness & bikini. I anticipate this may be my last show for a while (babies? yes? No, maybe so??) I'd really like to go out on TOP and not hear the typical critique of "not lean enough" sooooooooooooo, here we go. EM GET LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! EM GET LEAN'er

Hope ya'll have a super safe and fun 4th of July~!
I'll post pix this wkend!
Love love~