Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 miles + Stairs!!!

This 4th of july was so much fun! Granted, the weather was poo (think cloudy and 60 some degreees....really??) but with the addition of Ping Pong and a dart board-we were plenty busy!
Also, I never fail to kill it with the workouts at the lake. I get up super early (our "bay" is Sun Up Bay and it's awesome to sit on the deck at 6am with a cup (pot) of coffee!! Glorious!!) There is a trail that clocks in at 2 miles and I did it 4 times this weekend (plus a 1 mile cool down; done twice) I also talked one of our buddies, Kevin, into doing stairs with me one morning. We did 25 sets. Every stair for 5, facing right/crossover 5 times, facing left/crossover 5 times, slow skipping stairs (like lunges) 5 times, 5 everystair FAST. Holy crap. Then we went down to the dock and iced our legs (yeh, no joke, it was an ice bath, the water is like 50-55 degrees)
Food intake was wonderful. SOOOOOOOOOoo much salmon. I think I had 4 or 5 servings! Plus, I make my protein pancakes twice! And pushed the H20 as well!

Yesterday I didn't lift but I ran 5 miles outside. Today I did upperbody work (back with Nic) went to work and taught Butts N Gutz then worked out again with my bikini girl Soooooooo, I'm pooped!
I anticipate a hot epsom salt bath tonight. holy schnikes! (oh BTW, we watched step brothers & Tommy Boy this weekend---what the heck, I'm telling ya we weren't outside that much--tooo cold!!)

Alright, I gotta go try and find some hikes for Glacier National Park! My folks will be here a week from Friday and we're heading to Montana to the park! soooooooooooo pumped!!!

hope you're all well!
Thanks for checkin in on me~
em :)

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