Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey Guys! THanks so much for all the kind thoughts on our baby gender/cake cutting party!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep saying this, but it was the BEST day!!! I would do it 100X over again & again! The emotion that overcame me when I saw that we were having a girl was indescribable! I still get teary when I think about it! ok, blame that on the pregnancy hormones! :)
The other exciting news last week was my sister found out what she was having! They did a cake cutting for the twins and found out they're having TWO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!! So I'll have two neices coming in December! :) I already sent them headbands with big 'ol flowers on them! :)

Back to my baby girl: We've decided to name her after her Great Grandmother (Gene's YIAYIA) Vivian. It funny because the 1st thing people ask is whether it's a family name! It's an older name, but I think it's so beautiful and there are lots of nicknames too. I've been calling her lil V or Vivi. Her greek name is Vasiliki which shortens to Vasi. We're still working on middle name, though, that ones a little tougher!

I'm almost 5 months preggers and cant believe it! I'm still feeling really great although I do have some pregnancy related symptoms. I still have nasal congestion every night, and swear I have permanant residue on my nose from my breathe right strips! :) Also, I've experienced some Restless Leg Syndrome when laying down for bed, which omg sucks! I understand it can be related to a slight calcium/magnesium deficiency, so I'll address that and see if it helps! On the flip side, I HAVE felt her rolling around in my belly! Not so much kicks or punches yet, but definete flipping around!

We started registering yesterday @ Babies R Us and my goodness, where do you start and where do you end???? :)

Alright, off to clean & maybe go on a nice long walk!
Have a great week!
lOVE, Em & Vivi
my In-Laws

(Great Yiayia VIVIAN!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Last Thursday was one of T.H.E. B.E.S.T. days of my life. For now, that is! :) I'm not was such an amazing way to find out the sex of our baby. I'll let you watch the video...I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did! Warning, there's LOTS of screaming!!! :)

(Sorry, blogger is may have to copy & paste this link to watch it thru

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gender Reveal.........almost.....

In just 2 short hours my lil baby's identity will be revealed. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about it too much! I've had nervous stomach alllllll day-I am just soooooo stinkin excited! I leave town tomorrow at 6am, so I won't post again until next week, but I will do a full recap of our Gender Party! My ultrasound appt. was this morning @ 10am. The tech knew I didn't want to see or know, so she showed me the face and other features besides the "GOODS" then wrote the result in a card. I took the card to my friend/baker, and she made me an AWESOME's sooooo cute! However, the inside icing is either pink or blue, and my husband and I will cut it tonight with a bunch of family & friends! Holy cow I'm so ready to find out!!
I also will be suprising my family tomorrow with the gender....sooo, no talking to them on the phone tonight after the party or I may burst! :)
See ya next week!
Love, Em & Baby Arger

(Here are some pics from last week)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

17 WEEKS! And T-5 days.....

HEY THERE! Hope you're having a great weekend! We're heading to Outback for dinner and then home for movies! Can you say PARTY ANIMAL!?? :)
Here are some pix from today....17 weeks and moving right along. I can officially NOT suck in anymore! There's certainly something in there!! And by Thursday evening we will knw!!!!! BOY OR GIRL!!??? I'm thinking boy, but will be thrilled either way! I just wanna know!!!
Here are some pic updates!

EM & Baby Arg

Saturday, July 2, 2011

4 months!

HEY GUYS! Happy 4th of July Weekend! Hope you have plans to relax and enjoy time with fam & friends! We're heading out to the lake here in a while for a couple nights. Should be exciting! We have a big group coming out on Sunday for the fireworks show Sun UP Bay puts on. I am bringing lots of goodies--rice krispies, no bakes, rotel/velvetta cheese dip, hummus, veggies, watermelon, cowboy caviar bean dip, chips and that's it! Not very healthy, huh? The main dishes will be planked Salmon + Pastisto, so I think I can manage to feed me and baby pretty well and avoid all sugar comas! :)

Speaking of, I am 16 weeks!!!!!!!!! 4 months my goodness it's flown by! I had my 4th month check up and all is well! Baby Argers heart rate was 160bpm and hearing that lil heart beat will NEVER get old! I understand why women by their own doppler! My weight is still only up about 3 lbs, but the doc it not concerned about that because #1 I started higher and #2 I'll catch up the rest of this 2nd and 3rd Tri! I'm feeling REALLY good, I know I keep saying that, but I'm so serious. Pregnancy + Me = Good Time!!! =)
Here are a few random thoughts:
-We're having a GENDER PARTY thur. July 14th. We have an ultrasound that morning-will have the ultrasound tech write the results on a card and we won't look--I'll take that card to the baker (one of my bootcampers!) and she will make us a cake! The inside layers will have pink or blue and the outside will be gender neutral---that evening, we're heading to my inlaws for the CAKE CUTTING!!! I'm sooo excited! Kinda cheeseball, but I'm all about it! My in-laws will be there, my S-I-L will be there, YiaYia will be there and our cousins Greggie, Robin & Baby Ava will come as well! It will be a suprise to us all! Plus we'll have the laptop set up so my Kansas fam can watch via Skype! :) I'll keep ya posted.....I'm still thinking BOY??
-I have pregnancy induced nighttime congestion......either THAT, or it's the copious amounts of pepper jack cheese I've been adding to my eggs....I really don't consume any dairy, so I wonder which is the culprit??? Either way, It makes breathing thru my nose a challenge...ughhh...breathe right strips anyone?? ;)
-I've been doing incline cardio @ a moderate pace which really helps loosen up my lowback pain. Then, I roll around on the foam roller for a while afterwards--so far so good on keeping the lowback pain minimal!
-My "PCOS" face as I refer to it, is better at times, and the same at times. I still get mild breakouts, but they seem to heal quickly. I really, really, REALLLLLLY Hope that pregnancy will "RESET" my entire reproductive & endocrine system and put my PCOS in remission!!! A girl can hope, right?
-My sister and I decided all we think about is babies. Can't blame us, but it's soooooooooo true! I find myself daydreaming about the baby ALL freakin DAY!!!!!!! :) And, I maybe premature, but last night I'm Pretty sure I felt flutters!!!! And it wasn't gas! :) haha
-Okay, lastly, and this one sounds kinda bad, but it's not. It's soooooooo weird and admittly RELIEVING to not be losing or TRYING to lose weight. Lets be honestly, most of my 20's have been spend trying to lose weight, spending a little time at maintanance, then trying to lose again.....I'm so over that. I have so much respect for my body and the fact it's building a LIFE!!! I'll let it do whateverrrr it needs to make that baby as healthy as possible!!!!!

Alright, sorry for the novel, that's what ya get when I take too long to update! Pics will come in the next camera USB cable is not cooperating!
SO much love to you all,
EM & BABY! :)