Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gender Reveal.........almost.....

In just 2 short hours my lil baby's identity will be revealed. I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about it too much! I've had nervous stomach alllllll day-I am just soooooo stinkin excited! I leave town tomorrow at 6am, so I won't post again until next week, but I will do a full recap of our Gender Party! My ultrasound appt. was this morning @ 10am. The tech knew I didn't want to see or know, so she showed me the face and other features besides the "GOODS" then wrote the result in a card. I took the card to my friend/baker, and she made me an AWESOME's sooooo cute! However, the inside icing is either pink or blue, and my husband and I will cut it tonight with a bunch of family & friends! Holy cow I'm so ready to find out!!
I also will be suprising my family tomorrow with the gender....sooo, no talking to them on the phone tonight after the party or I may burst! :)
See ya next week!
Love, Em & Baby Arger

(Here are some pics from last week)

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