Monday, December 26, 2011

Vivian Alexandra! Already 1 Week old!!

We were so very blessed last Monday @ 7:15am to welcome our baby girl into this world! I will blog more later, but the experience was fantastic and we are so in love! Here is a link to pix:

sorry you have to copy and paste: blogger isn't letting me link!


Friday, December 9, 2011


Talk about major baby envy here!!!!!!!! My beautiful twin nieces Ruby Anastasia & Madelyn Brooke were born on Dec. 7th! GLORY TO GOD! I'll post pix when I get some good ones! THe girls and my sis are doing very well and go home tomorrow! I CANNOT wait to meet them when we travel home this spring!!!
In other news, I'm still preggers!!!!!! I say this to everyone who keeps checking in...but I'm still feeling really good! My dr. appt. yesterday indicated my body is progressing (YAY!) and it really could be any time now!!! Im about to keel over with excitement!!! I don't really do much now-a-days....I've pretty much done all my projects so I've been resting a ton. I try and bundle up to take the westies for a walk. We've been going about every other day for 25-30 mins. Which is funny because the same walk used to take only 20 mins. I used to walk a much quicker pace! :)
I really find it hard to focus on anything. Especially with my nieces being born, and my good friend had her baby boy on tuesday as well! It's like the calm before the "storm" with said storm being the most amazing experience I've NEVER had! :)My doctor did mention she's on call this weekend, so maybe I'd be seeing her! I like that foreshadowing potential! :)
Alright, that's it for now! Perhaps the next post will be introducing my lil Bambina Vivian!
Lots of love~
EM & Baby
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