Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey Guys! THanks so much for all the kind thoughts on our baby gender/cake cutting party!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep saying this, but it was the BEST day!!! I would do it 100X over again & again! The emotion that overcame me when I saw that we were having a girl was indescribable! I still get teary when I think about it! ok, blame that on the pregnancy hormones! :)
The other exciting news last week was my sister found out what she was having! They did a cake cutting for the twins and found out they're having TWO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!! So I'll have two neices coming in December! :) I already sent them headbands with big 'ol flowers on them! :)

Back to my baby girl: We've decided to name her after her Great Grandmother (Gene's YIAYIA) Vivian. It funny because the 1st thing people ask is whether it's a family name! It's an older name, but I think it's so beautiful and there are lots of nicknames too. I've been calling her lil V or Vivi. Her greek name is Vasiliki which shortens to Vasi. We're still working on middle name, though, that ones a little tougher!

I'm almost 5 months preggers and cant believe it! I'm still feeling really great although I do have some pregnancy related symptoms. I still have nasal congestion every night, and swear I have permanant residue on my nose from my breathe right strips! :) Also, I've experienced some Restless Leg Syndrome when laying down for bed, which omg sucks! I understand it can be related to a slight calcium/magnesium deficiency, so I'll address that and see if it helps! On the flip side, I HAVE felt her rolling around in my belly! Not so much kicks or punches yet, but definete flipping around!

We started registering yesterday @ Babies R Us and my goodness, where do you start and where do you end???? :)

Alright, off to clean & maybe go on a nice long walk!
Have a great week!
lOVE, Em & Vivi
my In-Laws

(Great Yiayia VIVIAN!)

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  1. Awesome!!!!! I love it!! :) Vivian is a beautiful name for your sweet little girl! :) Have so much fun registering!! Honestly, if I were you, I'd take a friend who's had a baby b/c she can help you weed out all the fluff that you really don't need and won't end up using. But it is so much fun picking out the bedding and all of that jazz!! SO happy and excited for you!! :)


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