Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sobbing, Grunts & Dancing

HEY GUYS!! Just checkin in for an update this week! I'm almost 22 Weeks! WOOHOOO!!! We went to a wedding last friday and the dress I wore made it totally obvious I'm 'with child'. It's funny though, as much as people make rude comments to pregnant women, like, "Whoa, you sure you don't have two babies in there..." or "Are you sure you're not due next month..." which I think are obviously rude statements, I've gotten a lot of "Oh you're FINALLY showing!" Um, I don't think that's exactly nice either! It makes me feel like i have to defend myself of justify things, like that I'm right on track and she's measuring right on the money....And yes, I'm AM FINALLY showing and I'm so thrilled! YAY!!! Ok, rant over, but seriously, people lose all filter when dealing with us preggers!! :)

On the emotional front, which is rearing it's face more frequently, I pretty much lost it again Saturday. We watched Soul Surfer...OMG fantastic movie! But, I freaking LOST IT when they were driving to the hospital and Helen Hunt the momma, had to meet her daughter in an ambulance, near death. Ohhh, my gosh---Seriously, the type of crying where you are sobbing, and then start laughing because you're sobbing...Yeah, my husband was like, Ummm, are you ok?????!!! I just couldn't imagine a mother having to witness her daughter near death...Whoa. But I composed myself and really enjoyed the rest of the movie! We also watched Lincoln Lawyer (again) and really liked it!!

My next appt. is a week from Thursday. I'm feeling great. It's funny, I find myself grunting when I'm moving around, either in and out of bed, or from a seated position to standing. It's humorous because I don't MEAN to, but it sure happens! Also, Miss Vivian is dancing up a storm!!! I can feel her every single day and just LOVE it!!! So crazy! Gene can feel it more frequently too! :)

Alright, that's my update! have an excellent rest of the week!
EM & V
PS: Here's her Stroller/Carseat and Crib! WOOHOOO!!!!

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  1. You look so pretty! I love that dress. I would take that as a compliment, "You are finally starting to show." They mean that in a good way. Most people start showing very early because they use pregnancy as an excuse to eat for two. When most fit people get pregnant, it isnt like that. I dont think they mean that in a negative way at all. I wouldnt mind that a bit! :) Hopefully at the beginning of next year, I will be in the same boat as you. You make it look fun. :) Pretty crib.


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