Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm getting the most out of life---

and...my NPC 2010 membership. :)
Yep---I'm going to compete again. and possibly again.
So here's the thing-when you compete-you join the NPC organization for 1 calender year (jan 2010-dec. 2010) I'm going to make the most of this and attempt a couple more shows before I hang my heels up for good!!! I was soooooooooo entirely thrilled with my last performance, that I would be content being done for the long run.......but then a HUGE part of me missed the process......so I started researching more shows. Unfortunately-the last show I did was not a national qualifier-so I must 1st get my national qualification before I can move on. What I'm thinking is--Compete July 24th in MESA ARIZONA!!!! with hopes of gaining nat'l qualification-then Compete Aug. 28th in Texas at Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???!!!!??!?!!!? :-0 Shoot for the MOON, EH???!!!!
So, please feel free to follow me again!! This prep will be fantastic considering I already have my suit (no more spending sunday afternoons at with my seamstress) my routine is complete (with much room for more sassiness) and my sis in law lives in Phoenix (and quite possibly will compete in the bikini division). Now, I understand this prep occurs during summer--which to me makes perfect sense--I want to maintain my health over summer!!!!!!! When I am not in prep, I find I get a little too lax with the diet, so structure works well for me. My goal is for the "dieting" if you will, not affect anyone but me. This is my choice and I'm ready to push thru! (The one thing I don't enjoy about prep, is when people say---ohhh, you're dieting.....but really-that doesn't affect them. People can eat whatever they want-it shouldn't affect them if I bring my own food or opt out.......I hate that!! :( )

Looks like saturday puts me 10 weeks out from AZ and 15 weeks out from TX. Holy cow!!!!!!!

I'll keep ya posted!!!!!!
Much love~


  1. Just tell them that you're eating for your current goals and that's that... Can't wait to follow you again. You are my inspiration through and through!!!

  2. Hi Em,
    Just wondering how your post comp week went - cheat and nutrition wise? Will you change much of your prep for the next comp? WO & cardio?
    Look forward to following along!


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