Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worrrrrk It

I love practicing posing!!! Today nicole & I practiced at the YMCA. It's so funny, we're in the aerobics rooms and there are random people that use the same area, peek it, probably wondering what DA HELLLLL are those girls doing in their sky high heels?!?! :) I love it!
It was a successful posing session and next time we will video and take lots of pix (I feel a VLOG coming soon! :) )

Yesterday I continued with the 80 in 50 workout series.
#76---Pure Cardio (from Insanity, hubs bday present) and Cardio Abs
#75---90 min. POWER walk outside in the sunshine! (jammin to the ipod)
#74---45 min. easy elliptical
#73---20 min. stairmill/20 min. bike/20 min. EFT

HOLLAAAA!!!!!! i'm so pumped with all the workouts! Tomorrow we will do Plyometrics in the gym and I'll do some easy cardio in the afternoon! I'm working a lot on stretching and my strength moves. Gotta perfect them!!!!!!!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EM :)

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