Thursday, February 11, 2010

SUCHHHHH a good day!!!!!!!!

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH AN OUTSTANDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of those days that you wish you could replicate day in and out.....and I should, really, I should!

Funny, wednesday was a low day. I was just kinda blahhhhh feeling. Not sick-i'm over whatever was trying to come on last week--but just a little crampy, crappy, ya know...........ANYWAY, after being a complete and utter blob, I woke up and TORE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did 1 hour of cardio before work---trained 2--did 45 more mins. of cardio with my bikini girl, did 2 massage, trained 1 more, then instructed 10 in bootcamp!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I felt good and energetic all day long!

Tomorrow Nicole & I are training at 6am. Then I'm doing another session of cardio before 530 bootcamp! Sunday morning I'm taking progress pix. I def. feel tighter! That's all I can ask for!
TIGHT & TINY-TIGHT & TINY-TIGHT & TINY! That's my mantra right now.........

Have a fabulous Friday! Don't forget to watch the Opening Ceremonies! YAY!

Love love~

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  1. I am an Olympics fanatic. I can't wait until tonight at 6:30 central. WOO HOO!!! I LOVE having those days that you feel like you could touch the moon. I only wish that was everyday but I take then and run with them when they come around. Have a great weekend. TIGHT AND TINY TIGHT AND TINY!! You are getting there.


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