Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hope the weekend has treated u well thus far!
It's been soooooo so gorgeous here the past few days! The sun is bright and my mood is high!!! :)
Yesterday Nicole and I kicked butt for over 2 hours at the gym. Plyos followed by slow state cardio. THEN, we went to see our suit gal again! I cannot WAIT to have a suit that actually fits to MY body---what a concept!!! :)
After a powernap and a long epsom salt bath-I went and got spray tanned!!!!!!! WAAAHOOO!!
I love spray tan. LUV IT. I don't tan in the beds because frankly-I turn RED, and then right back to white. Never works. And i have no desire to do it..........but........insert spray tanning and I'm alllll about it! I think I'm gonna buy a kit so I can do it at home! :)
Here are some pix of the pups and my progress pix. Have a great evening! :)


  1. I thought you were a member of Jersey Shore for a minute ;)

    Lookin good!!

  2. Lookin good girl! I can totally see changes in your body- keep up the hard work!


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