Monday, August 23, 2010


Nicole & I finally made our 6am YMCA workout. We've been trying, boy oh boy we've been trying......... :)
It was SO nice to knock out an awesome workout first thing. And it's always nice to watch the sun rise on my way there!! We did chest & tri's and I did about 20 mins. of upright bike intervals. Felt Goooooood!
This evening we're going on a bike ride after I teach cardio bootcamp. My group fitness schedule at my studio is so awesome right now! Everything from Cardio bootcamp, to butts & guts, zumba, yoga....much to offer! Between that and personal training clients-I'm staying plenty busy. And like always, I thrive on being busy---downtime is actually when I find it hard to stay motivated-but when you're go go go, it's easy cuz you have to!!! :)

I'm finally at full dose for my meds. I don't know if it's mental or not, but I have felt a little more tired. (or was I feeling tired because I wasn't getting my workouts in and fueling my body properly...) probably the latter..........
My G'ma & her twin bro celebrated 80 years this past weekend---how freakin cool is that?!? I wanna be healthy and surrounded by family when I celebrate 80 years!!! (LOVE YOU G'MA!!!)
Well, back to work, hope you all have had a productive and enjoyable Monday!
I'll add some recipes I've been fond of lately, and perhaps some pix! Yay!
Much love~
EM :-)

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