Thursday, August 19, 2010


HEY ALL! I hope this week has been treating you well!!!! I've decided i have GOT to keep this blog updated. How many times do I say that? Well....all the time, but What I've decided will work, is to just text my post from my phone. I intend on tracking workouts, mood/feelings, and general stuff! :)

SO, while this isn't' your typical "CONTEST PREP" blog, i do hope to offer some insight and HOPEFULLY some inspiration.

What's been bothering me the past few weeks (well, since PCOS diagnosis) is I've forgotten this is LIKELY something I've been "conquering" for a while now. SO, why would my feelings/actions/demeanor change simply from a diagnosis? Okay, maybe I can explain this better (bear with me, I'm just thinking as I type...)

I perhaps have done myself some disservice by OVER RESEARCHING & OVER ANALYZING this disorder. My head was so full of the negative parts--the symptoms, the fertility issues, the long term effects.....when REALLY I just need to focus on the now. I pride myself on being one of the most positive people I know, so I will continue that no matter what!
My poor husband even said, "Em, I don't like having to be the positive one, you're so much better at that!" :) Bless his heart, he's been awesome through all of this!

So i guess my point is that I've let PCOS hinder my physical/mental outlook in a not so good way. I wallowed. Yep, I wallowed and sulked. I didn't workout. I ate randomly and crappy (?) I didn't enjoy it. I was tired (perhaps the new meds?) and lackluster. But again, I'VE LIKELY BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR SOMETIME!!!!! Shit, I did one MAYBE 2 contest preps with PCOS, why would living a healthy lifestyle (being fit) be any different now? In fact, it should be BETTER with the meds that will help regulate my hormones!!!!!

In conclusion, (or in restarting?) Okay, I have PCOS. I've probably HAD PCOS. I contest prepped with PCOS. I got trim (took a while!) and felt awesome! so, I intend on getting trim again (because right now I feel anything thing BUT trim) getting trim will only help my symptoms and I need to be the healthiest I can for a future pregnancy! (GOD WILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Alright, if you're still with me, bless you! :)
I'm out, hope you feel thoroughly updated! :)
Lots of love~


  1. I haven't been following your blog to long, but just wanted to send some {{Hugs}} your way, and some positive thoughts for a future pregnancy. God bless you and your husband :)

  2. (((hugs)))

    I know you'll get your cheerfulness back. It's just not easy when you work so hard to try and stay lean and now there is something that could put a damper on it. I know you though, you won't give in and let it take you over. We'll see little Em's someday too :)

  3. "Em, I don't like having to be the positive one, you're so much better at that!" SO CUTE! My husband is usually the positive one. He always looks at the bright side of things.

    I totally followed what you were saying. Sometimes just hearing that you really have a "condition" or problem makes it seem bigger than it has been. Which is why LOTS of people just deal with symptoms and never go to the doctor. Will hearing the words of a diagnosis make your symptoms worse? No, but you are more aware of those symptoms when they occur because you are looking for them. When I say you, I dont mean YOU, I mean people in general.

    Which is why I havent went to see a family doctor for quite some time! And why I am going next week.

  4. Em.. you don't have to be positive or negative. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Positivity is just a choice that seems to make the most sense when analyzed.

    Getting some news you didn't want would knock anyone on their butt.

    It is true though.. whatever you focus on grows bigger..

    You're a trooper and we love you!!!!! I will say some prayers for you.



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