Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's the WEEKEND!

I hope the past week was a successful one for ya!
It was pretty good for me! I got in a couple great workouts! I lifted, did Zumba(x2) and Yoga. I'm still lacking that morning cardio I love soooo much! Perhaps its the new down comforter/duvet we's so luxurious--I can't hardly get out of bed!!!!!!
Now here's something interesting--I MUCH prefer the DOMS "muscle" soreness as opposed to "sleeping too long in funky position" soreness. You know the difference, one simply needs a nice warm-up & workout....the other needs a massage or chiropractic visit........I firmly believe I function better on 7-8 hours of sleep...when I go past 8 I start getting sore. I need to remind myself that...

I've been reading "The Energy Addict" by Jon Gordon before I go to bed. It has some pretty great tips, including:

*PRACTICE THE 90-10 RULE: Depriving doesn't work because it doesn't flow with natural lifestyles & rhythms.

*ELIMINATE CLUTTER: INSIDE & OUT! It blocks precious new energy from flowing into your life by filling up your space with old stagnant energy.

*RELAX INSTEAD OF TALKING: The diff. between talking unnecessarily & relaxing is the diff. between having energy & losing energy. -Try this next time you drive. Shut your phone off and focus on relaxing & positive thoughts while you drive-

*THE GIFT OF PAIN: There are 2 ways to process energy during difficult/painful situations; either though TRUST & LOVE or thought fear & doubt. Richard Bach quotes, "Every problem has a gift for you in its hands."

That's only 4 of the 101 physical, mental & spiritual ways to energize your life. I really enjoy the book-it's great to just flip though daily!

Well, after a relaxing morning, I'm about to tackle laundry, dusting, bathrooms and get my massage room all set for tmrw-I'm doing 4 massages!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your super nice comments, I really appreciate it! XOXO
EM :)

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