Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zip, Zilch, ZEROOOOO

Thats the number of Fitness Girls at our local level Fitness/Figure/Bikini/Bodybuilding show yesterday. I had a client competing in bikini (she got 3rd in her class-hollaaaaa!!!) BUT--no Fitness girls. So sad, the sport is fading away.........That being said, I would have been disappointed to prep hard for it, then show up with no competition. An uncontested win isn't a win in my books! It was very bizarre being at a show and not being schlacked in tanner, all dolled up, thirsty/hungry/tired......I only stayed for prejudging, and the figure and bikini gals looked great. I text my husband after and said I REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLY wanna compete again. We've (hub & I) have chatted lengths about my health, my goals, the business, future pregnancy and when we feel ready to "try".....I like the quote, "While we're busy making plans, GOD laughs...." so while I do believe we can't time everything, it's still good to have gameplan. My personal training and group fitness STUDIO is awesome. If you wanna see the place, check out my website

Update on the Fitness front, I'm 2 weeks down for the TT Transformation. I lift 3 times a week and HITT 3 times a week. Plus I do zumba and yoga. I'm feeling good. It's funny how I am not necessarily at a healthy weight or BMI but I feel like I look GOOOOOOOD. :) Curves are NOT a bad thing! :) Anyway, I love the program and am getting it done!

Have a great sunday!
EM :)

p.s. LAUUUUUUUUUREN MY LOVE! Yes, I must see you when I'm in VEGAS! That's so great you're there, hope all is well! Lets chat! XOXOX


  1. I also find it "strange" going to watch a show when I'm used to being the one up on stage!

    And ..

    I also always get the bug to get back up there lol


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