Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

HEY THERE!!!!!!!!!
Hope Memorial Day Weekend has treated you well! We were busy busy busy! We bought a lovely crimson king maple for our front yard. We had a spruce out front that had died last year and we really needed to replace it. It's gonna be beautiful! Hard work though! Well, hard work for Gene! :)
We also swept the garage and rearranged some things in there. Successful weekend capped off by Italian food and WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such an amazing performance indeed. I really loved it and would watch it again for sure! I got choked up at the end when they all come out for their can just imagine the hard work they put into it!!!!! AWESOME date nite!
I also took a belly pic--11 weeks and a few days. Friday I'll be 12 weeks and am sooooooo excited to get into the 2nd tri! Starting @ 12 weeks I'll recap how I'm feeling, what I'm eating and do a once-a-week recap so I'll have something to look back on!
Here are some pix:

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