Friday, January 27, 2012

A day in the life of a 5 week old...

I thought it would be fun to do a post on a day in our life-like i mentioned, the days do blend together! I completely understand different events, growthspurts, etc. will affect our schedule; and it's likely as soon as I post this it will change! :)
345a. Vivian is up after going to bed around 11pm. She doesn't cry but starts to stir and makes grunting noices. I unswaddle her, feed her on the R side for 14 min. Change her wet daiper, reswaddle, then feed her on the L side for 11 mins. Burp & Snug for a few mins. (I play on my kindle fire while she's falling asleep-and I chug water & eat almonds + luna bar. I drink SOO much water to keep up with my breastfeeding-kid you not about 1.5 gallons a day). Back to bed.
7am-She will fall in and out of sleep until I get her. I unswaddle her and she ate on the R side for 12 min. Get up and change a wet diaper. Reswaddle and nurse L side for about 10 mins. I give her a manicure while she's eating :)
Back to bed one more time...
910a: (it's usually closer to 10/1015a) Baby stirs because she had a poopy diaper-a Blow out! Sponge bath and outfit change were necessary.
930a: Viv hangs in her crib with her musical mobile while I mix a quick smoothie for breakfast.
1015a: Time to feed again. R side for 17 mins. Burp and catnap while I watch TV. She wakes up and nurse L side for 20 mins. Change a poopy diaper.
1120a: Play time! We lay a blanket out on nursery floor and turn on some music. She lays on her back and we play with toys and stretch her out. Then we do some tummytime. Vivi is getting very good at holding her head up!
1145a: Crib time again so I can change clothes. Head to the kitchen where Vivi hangs out on the newborn napper on the kitchen table while I make myself lunch and prepare dinner. On the menu is BBQ marinated chicken and sweet potatoes. It's all ready to go in the oven at 615p.
1230p: We play some pattycake before I load her up in her carseat so we can go run some errands. We head to the post office, starbucks and the bank. She falls asleep in the carseat.
130p: Home and it's time to chow! R side for 25 mins. Change a wet/slightly poopy diaper, then nurse L side for 10 mins. Rock and snuggle. Catnap for Vivi.
245p. She starts to root around at so I feed her on the R side for a couple minute and she falls back asleep. I take a nap myself from 245-335p. Get up and change poopy diaper.
345p: Bring V down to kitchen to hang in the Boppy newborn napper so I can eat again.
410p: Playtime! We turn on the Hit List on comcast TV and dance around and bounce on the fitness ball. Tummytime on my lap while singing and waiting for Dad to get home.
430p: Gene gets home and hangs with V for about 10 mins.
445p: Time for her to eat again! She nurses on the R side for 20 mins & L side for 10 mins. then we rock and burp. Catnap on my chest while Dad works out.
530p: After Dad is done-he takes Vivi after we change a poopy diaper. Then I put the dinner in the over and get in a nice hot shower. Vivi and Dad play.
7p: Dinner for V. Nurse on the R side for 16 mins and the L side for 15 mins. Hand her off to Dad while I eat. They bounce on the fitness ball to get out any bubbles or gas.
745p: Change a poopy diaper and rock Vivi to sleep.
1015p: Last feed, change and snuggle for the day...HOPEFULLY sleep until 3ish.


  1. What a busy day! Sounds like she (and you) are loving it! :)

  2. Such a cool post. I love reading about how your life is now (although I do still miss our crazy workouts and random fitness prep recipes!) So happy for you :)


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