Sunday, January 22, 2012

One month old....

HELLO! This past thursday was Vivian's 1 month birthday. It was probably the most challenging and rewarding month of my life! She is such a sweet little baby. Our days are still a blur, I'm lucky if I can guess what day it is--every one is a new surprise!
Here are some notes from her first month:
*Her face has gone from a swollen newborn to a beautiful olive skinned 1 month old.
*I swear we got our first smiles! And not just "gas" smile! Talk about melt your heart!! I can't wait for laughs!
*She really seems to enjoy bathtime...she's so calm during it!
*I look forward to our nursing sessions and I feel blessed I'm able to provide nutrition for her...That being said: she can go from 0-100 when she's hungry. I call it HANGRY! She roots and snorts around for the food!
*She LOVES bouncing on the fitness ball! I sat on the ball a lot during PG. It soothes her almost instantly!
*she loves looking at the lamp and lights
*She's found her tongue and sticks it in and out.
*I think our record for diapers is 3 or 4 in about 30 minutes...go girl. pretty sure daddy was on duty for that episode! HA!
*she likes when dad shakes her rattle
*I tell her she's Healthy, Happy, Strong & Smart about 20x a day. And that I love her. Lord knows I love her to death!
*she loves her zebra and monkey mobile in her crib
*She loves animal print clothes just like mommy :)
*We have taken more pictures on both of our cellphones and cameras then I've ever taken before.
*Today we had pictures at Sears which went relatively good after a few fussy moments!

I survived the first month. We survive the first month! She has exceeded my expectations about life as a momma. She eats well, sleeps well, hold her head up like a champ...she certainly has her moments in fussiness, but nothing a clean diaper, feeding, snugging, or bouncing on the fitness ball can't cure....Also want to note that I did my first weights workout in MONTHS! I lifted triceps and chest and good heavens am I sore!!! I am still waiting until my 6 week appt. to get fully released, but it did feel good to do something!
Until next month...

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