Monday, October 31, 2011

One Full Month + ? days

Hey THere! Happy Halloween!!!!!!! Wow, the time just continues to fly by here on PRoject Baby! :) Tomorrow marks the start of the FINAL full month that I'll be pregnant. I figure, once December is here, it's fair game and she could come anytime! Also, I'm considered FULL TERM (37 weeks) on thanksgiving. I'm still really enjoying this final stretch. Of course, some minor discomfort is experienced here and there, but over all I'm good!

This past weekend was a BUSY one for Vivi & I! We were honored with a brunch saturday morning with some family member, and then Sunday was my 1st of 2 baby showers. This one was with my clients & friends from work and man was it fun! THere were 20 some women there and we ate, chatted, opened a ton of gifts, and ate some more! This party was bittersweet as it is the last get together with my "studio fit" family. We have sold the business!!! It was a few months in the making, and originally we thought we would just have a trainer or two cover for me, but in the end, it worked out to sell the business to another trainer. I'm thrilled for my next role as a stay @ home mom! :)

So while bittersweet, we still had a ton of fun at the party. And the brunch on Saturday was lovely as well! Can't go wrong with quiche + cinnamon rolls!

Here are a few pix--a couple weeks apart. The green shirt is from 31.5 weeks and the other ones are from yesterday ~33 weeks!

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