Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4 Days down!!!!!!


We have a beautiful sunny day here and it puts me in such a good mood! I've been driving with my sunroof open and the heater cranked! :)

After our crazy leg workout Monday, I recovered very well! Yesterday morning I did HITT on the treadmill followed by some incline walking. No weights.

Today I will do FULL upperbody workout: Back/Chest/Shoulders/Bis/Tris. I'm looking forward to it! I got a new punching bag @ the studio so I will use that for a circuit. SUCH a good workout!!

Then tonight before my last training, I'm thinking about doing a trekking workout on the treadmill. That one kicks my butt everytime!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

Food has been ON ON ON. I'm feeling great and unlike the other two preps, I actually have no desire to "stray" because lets be honest, that hurts no one but myself!! I'm in this 100%!!!

Make it a fabulous day! SOAK UP SOME SUN if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!

love love~

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