Monday, January 4, 2010


GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING! Hows everyone? Hope the weekend treated you well and you've started off 2010 with a bang!
I sure started my week of right with a Leg workout at 7am. Nicole & I met at the studio for some mega leg damage. I mean really, we didn't punish them enough saturday morning?? Glutton for some Glutes :) :) :)
Anyway, the workout was crazy good. She's emailing me exactly what we did so I will post it. Lemme tell ya, it was brutal, but in a good way! So, with that out of the way, I have a busy day ahead of me! Lots of business stuff to finalize, 4 more trainings, I'm running a 6pm bootcamp and coming home for PM cardio in Schwetty's with my hubz. I'm thinking 20 min. quick run, 20 incline walk.

Yesterday I was sooooo productive getting tons of food prepped for the week. I also did 2 massages and we walked B2 (bella & blitz) so all in all it was a great day. (And yes, I did end with an epsom salt hot bath with truly helps!!)

That's it for now! I tell ya, I'm on a roll. I'm really feelin it and can't wait for the results to start showing! :)

Lots of love~

oh BTW; is anyone else truly BAFFLED by the new commercials for the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet? Are they SERIOUS?!?!? Yikes....

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