Monday, January 18, 2010


Holy cow, I need a personal assistant to assist me in ANY over the head motion. Particularly brushing my hair! My lats are soooooooo stinkin sore I can't even lift my dang arms!! PLUS, this morning Nicole & I lifted heavy shoulders (plus abs & cardio) soooo, my arms don't have a chance!!
It felt amazing to get the workout done at 6am this morning! I'm LOVING getting up at 5-5:515!!! My body has honestly adjusted to it-who knew!!! :)

Tonight I had 11 in my bootcamp (Nicole included!!) and had them doing some serious stations! IT's so much fun they totally motivate me! I wanna jump in and train with them!!!

I'm 3 days into week three and I'm rockin and rolling! I'm applying that "EXTRA DEGREE" everyday. Family, Work, Business, FITNESS. That's my life and I'm absolutely blessed!!!

I hope you're all rockin thru the week already! Stay determinded and treat your body well!!

Lots of love~
EM :)

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