Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello again! I had to blog real quick and record that I'M GOING TO 8am BOOTCAMP TOMORROW!!!!!! (last week I was suppose to go, and, well, that didn't happen...)

So, I will report back tomorrow about how I survived! I have been doing cardio lately, but the lifting has been very sporatic, so tomorrow will be good for me! My collegue is running the class and it's an athletic based hour long bootcamp class. My two other figure/bikini competitors are coming as well, and after we're gonna grab a coffee to finalize the game plan. Take the Stage 2010 has commenced! :) TIME TO GET LEAAAAANNNNN!!!



  1. Is that your current pic, Em? You are lean, lean, lean!

  2. Ok, so I'm glad you clarified the picture question. I was thinking DAMN you look good for being 16 weeks out! If that was your current picture there is no way I would post my current pic ;)


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