Friday, January 8, 2010


HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week is winding down quite nicely! It's been a successful 1st week of prep if I do say so myself!!!!!! :) So happy!
My workout with Nicole yesterday morn (at 6:30, A.M.) was once again tough, tough, tough. My poor body better get whipped into shape REAL quick with the intensity I've been at!! Think lots of plyos and an occasional Clean & Jerk or Snatch with the olympic bar. Ohhh my!!
Today has been busy with trainings, cardio (car-dee-yo) and business marketing stuff! :)

My cardio will consist of one of my favorites

I hope ya'll have a FANTASTIC weekend!! I'm heading to bootcamp in the morning followed by ZUMMMMMMBBAAAAA!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the nice comments, ladies, I really appreciate it! :) :)

EM :)

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