Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Yop-corn 2 Salad


Gosh this thing is not getting updated enough. I will work on that! I love looking back and seeing my progress.

So we used to consume a TON of popcorn (nicknamed Yopcorn) in this household. Well, since 2010, my popcorn bowls have turned into my salad bowls. Yep--I'm eating 1/2 my weight in salad. :) :) Okay, maybe not THAT much but yes, I'm stuffin the gut with all sorts of wonderfulness that is veggies!!! I'm learning to love more veggies than ever! My mom would be soo proud! :) My husband tells me my tastebuds are still developing! I may have to agreee!

Alright, life in the world of a biz owner and contest prepper is going swimmingly! :) I love it. I know I can do more, and WILL!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Nicole & I are headin to the studio for a 6am workout. I may post it tomrw. It's a modified Turbulence Training blog post from a couple years ago. It's killla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly........I'm gonna post a progress pix. Like heather bear said, theres are reason they're called "BEFORE" ya go:

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  1. that's how i am with green beans. i would eat them by the barrel if i could :)


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