Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PRETTY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you're having a wonderful week thus far!
Just to update---I didn't end up needing assistance moving my arms after mondays workout! :) I felt pretty good thanks to some super stretching and a HOT epsom salt bath. YAY for homecare!! I say you have no choice to complain if you haven't done everything in your power to do home-preventative care (i.e.: foam rolling, tennis ball work, yoga/stretching, hot bathes, contrast hot/cold treatments, biofreeeze)

So, today I have glutes & triceps (random I know..) and cardi-yo

I'm off for a powernap right now--then I'm gonna go bust out some jams, open the sun roof and prepare myself for a killa workout! :) :)

Love love~
EM :)

Stay tuned tmrw for a recap of yet ANOTHER 6am workout starring Em & Nicole! :)

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