Friday, January 15, 2010


Whoa, didn't realize i forgot to hop on & update!! (good thing i'm tracking elsewhere too)
Soooo, I left with tuesday workout bright in the morning. That afternoon I mustered another 40 mins. of cardio between the elliptical & stairstepper. Anyone who talked crap about a stairstepper (as opposed to the stair "MILL") needs to use it without holding on and basically "running" on the dang thing! It shoots my heartrate up REAL quick!!! :)
Wednesday was an off day (CrAzY busy day, in a good way) and thurs we did another workout bright & early *6am* hitting a lil legs again. I did more cardio yesterday afternoon, too! YAY!!
Today was HITT in the morning on the tready. Crazy enough, this morning I woke up at 504 with NO, instead of laying back down until 530, I fought HARD against that little demon and GOT UP!!! I headed straight downstairs and got to work. It felt really good!

Tomorrow is ACES BOOTCAMP (agility.core.endurance.strength) held by my collegue Marissa. She no doubt with hand me an ass kickin! :) :) In true prep mode, Nicole and I are meeting to get 20 mins. of cardio done prior. Actually, I'm thinking its gonna help get me sufficiently warmed up for the brutality! :) Still contemplating ZUUUMMMBA right after.....we shall see!!

i hope you all wrapped your week up nicely and are ready for a fabulous weekend! I KNOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and me & my hubbies "HOT DATE" tonight was the grocery store. We're so romantic! :)

EM :)

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