Saturday, January 2, 2010


Laugh At Me Legs
That's what bootcamp at 8am produces. Legs sooooo stinkin sore that you laugh at yourself as you do anything. Walk, sit down, stand up, tie your shoes.....all the above. No joke!
Bootcamp this morning was crazy challenging for me. We did a little bit of everything. Burpees, squat press w/ pushups, Squats, split lunge jumps, lots of abs, turkish get ups.......ey yi yi!!!! It was awesome! Then, Nicole & I went to coffee and discussed our plan of attack!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo thrilled I have someone going thru prep with me! It will make it so much more fun!!! Yeahhhhh!

On the docket for tomorrow is AM cardio and YOGA! I'm thinking foam rolling and an epsom salf bath will occur as well!

Ohhh, Cynthia---:) Nope, that pix below is from a week out from my 1st show. However, I do plan on getting there again, and leave time for refining my physique even more! YAY!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

We're taking progress pix tmrw, and goodNESS I'm so due for this prep!!!

Hasta Manana~


  1. ahh boot camps are the best!! i did one yesterday and am on my way for a track workout today! happy prepping :)

  2. You're enthusiasm is infectious! Go get 'Em!

    Get it? "Em"



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